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Good News Tuesday for May 9, 2023: Dog Finds Kidney Donor at the Beach, NY Passes Public Renewables Act, Saving Leopards, and a Man Saves a Baby in Stroller from Heavy Traffic


Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Dog Finds Kidney Donor at the Beach

Lucy Humphrey from Wales was told by her doctors in 2017 that if she couldn’t find a new kidney in 5 years, she could die. Against the odds, her dog, Indie, kept pestering a stranger – Katie James – at the beach who turned out to be a perfect match. The transplant took place in October of 2022. Enjoy the details of this story from The Good News Network :

New York Passes First of its Kind Renewable Energy Act

The state of New York passed the Build Public Renewables Act (BPRA) that will ensure all state-owned properties will be run on renewable energy by 2030. The act will also require municipally owned properties – including many hospitals and schools, as well as public housing and public transit – to switch to renewable energy by 2035. The first of its kind law comes from years of work by environmental and climate groups in NY state. The Guardian has more HERE.

Saving Leopards in Africa

Affordable synthetic furs are gaining acceptance and popularity as alternatives to killing leopards for fur in South African. Read more from GoodGoodGood .

Man Saves Baby in Stroller from Heavy Traffic

Ron Nessman had just been to a job interview when he saw a baby stroller rolling toward a busy street. Ron saved the baby and got the job! Learn more about Ron and how it happened in the following video:

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Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

33 thoughts on “Good News Tuesday for May 9, 2023: Dog Finds Kidney Donor at the Beach, NY Passes Public Renewables Act, Saving Leopards, and a Man Saves a Baby in Stroller from Heavy Traffic

  1. All such wonderful stories, JoAnna! ❤

    The synthetic leopard fur story captured my attention because my younger daughter and I have a long-standing leopard print fascination. We once had matching blouses with leopard print. She has had leopard print boots, platform shoes, and comforters. I practically live in oversized tee shirts and have three in my favorite leopard print!

    The cultural and conservation aspects of the story are also awesome! ❤

  2. Amazing story shares JoAnna… and not surprising the dog found a donna… I hear of dogs also detecting Cancer in people too… Their abilities with their sense of smell is profound…
    And WOW… to the man in the right place at the right time to save that baby….
    Great stories JoAnna… So many wonderful stories out there…. If only the msm would publish them… What a difference we we then all feel… ❤

    • Thanks for appreciating the good news, Sue. Yes, it’s out there, but one usually has to dig for it which should not be the case. The story about the dog finding the donor makes me marvel and wonder even more about dogs and their abilities.

      • Oh I totally agree JoAnna…. the horrors of Mainstream perpetuate the doom and gloom so that we stay locked into the negative vibes..
        If people allowed themselves to SEE the Good and not dwell on the bad.. Our vibration would raise even faster… And yes the dog finding that Donor… Who says God does not perform miracles??? in Mysterious Ways.. 🙂 They happen every day, to some one somewhere.. ❤
        Thank YOU for always sharing such positive vibes.. ❤

  3. Hi JoAnna, these are all terrific stories. I’m so pleased to see NYC leading with renewable energy.

  4. Way to go, New York! So glad that Ron Nessman got the job after saving a baby’s life 🙂

  5. Saving the baby and saving leopards in Africa – win win!

  6. Nothing like a solid dose of good news to lift our spirits in trying times. Good stories, JoAnna!

  7. The baby stroller story was awesome. It just goes to show there are more good people out there than bad.

  8. The dog story link didn’t work for me, but wow – Animals have such amazing intuitiveness. I’m starting to think animals are surpassing humans in the compassion category.

  9. Hey, sweetie ~ there’s a miles-long stretch of highway in Mendocino County, California, along the side of which vehicular homeless are parked, in peace and good order, with the blessing of the locals. This is good news for our humanity indeed!

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