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SoCS: Washing the Woes Away with a Musically Inspired Meditation


Our prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “wash/awash.” Use one, use both, use ’em any way you like. Bonus points for using both. Enjoy!

Wash is one of those words that sounds funny if you say it over and over. It’s fun to say…. washhhhh… extending the sh sound.

Washing machines are good. Can you imagine life without them? Banging clothes on a rock, using soaproot, maybe going naked would be easier, or at least keeping it simple.

When I was about four years old, maybe five, we were staying with my grandmother in Washington, DC. In the basement was a wringer washing machine with two rollers above my head that squeezed the water out of the clothes after they were agitated below. My mom got her thumb caught in the wringers once, feeding the clothes through the wringer, and it was never quite the same. Another time, I tried to help and put a whole box of powdered detergent in the washer. The soapsuds came to the basement steps. It was beautiful and amazing to my young eyes. That’s how I remember it, anyway.

The prompt also took me to this song: “I’m Gonna Wash that Man Right Outta My Hair.” It’s from the musical, South Pacific, which I’m embarrassed to say, I have never seen even though I like musicals. It’s one of those odd gaps that I never saw it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if washing your hair got rid of unwanted thoughts, unwanted addictions, and uncomfortable feelings? They could all just go down the drain. Hopefully they would not get clogged up along the way down.

That could be a guided imagery thing while washing your hair, taking a shower, dancing in the rain, swimming in the ocean, or floating along the stream of consciousness, and letting the water wash away what we don’t want. Get out of my hair, you thoughts and feelings who shall not be named! I will let go of the negative thoughts and feelings, but the lessons learned from experience will remain. Everything will be all clean and fresh – at least for a few minutes, anyway – opening a path to something better.

Clean and open to possibilities

So, I went and looked at videos of the song about washing the man out and thought I might want to watch this movie some time with Glenn Close. Well, not with her unless she’s interested, but the movie starring Glen Close. After reading the synopsis, it sounds like the story contains layers of depth. Do you have a favorite version of South Pacific or a favorite song from a musical? “Singing in the Rain” comes to mind.


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Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

25 thoughts on “SoCS: Washing the Woes Away with a Musically Inspired Meditation

  1. This is a lovely post, JoAnna. My grandmother did her washing in a tub and put it through a mangle. That was before I was born but my mother has spoken about it. I love musicals too, but I also haven’t seen South Pacific. My favourite musical is Phantom of the Opera, thought I love many others.

  2. Enjoyed your post, JoAnna. I love the thought of “washing [our] hair [to get] rid of unwanted thoughts, unwanted addictions, and uncomfortable feelings.” If only it were so simple! I watched the movie “South Pacific” in my adolescent years. There are several great songs from the movie that I learned by heart, but the most memorable and enchanting song remains “Bali Hai.”

    • Thanks, Rosaliene. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I just now listened to/watched “Bali Hai.” The tune was familiar, but really hearing the words sung with such emotion was enlightening. The song conveys the mysterious beauty and power of the island. Thank you!

  3. She’s no Mitzi Gaynor…

    Seriously, the best one I saw was a community theater presentation that the brother of a friend of ours was in. He played the sailor that got stuck doing “Honey Bun” with the female lead. You haven’t seen it? Get the 1958 version with Mitzi Gaynor and Rossano Brazzi…

    • Thank you, John. I’ve been watching clips on Youtube and I tend to agree that 1958 has the best on screen version. I’m glad you got to see that community theater presentation.

  4. I like the washing away thoughts too. Your song was what first came into my head too.

  5. When courting Vivien in 1960 I had to sit on her parents’ sofa listening endlessly to the 1958 soundtrack vinyl LP. An excellent SOC post.

  6. Thank you for sharing!!.. mention of the washer brought back memories of when I were growing up on the farm, being the oldest I had to help Mom at times in the kitchen and one of my jobs were rolling out the dough for bread… I got the genius idea of using Mom’s ringer washer to roll out the dough, unfortunately I had the rollers set too tight and did not flour the rollers, spent all day cleaning the washer…. Mom was not impressed… 🙂
    I like South Pacific and I have relaxing music on a small recorder with ear phones when I meditate… 🙂

    Hope all is well in your world and until we meet again..
    May your day be touched
    by a bit of Irish luck,
    Brightened by a song
    in your heart,
    And warmed by the smiles
    of people you love.
    (Irish Saying)

    • Using the wringers to roll out the dough was an innovative idea, even if it didn’t quite work as planned. Thank you for the lovely Irish saying. 🙂 Wishing you the best, Larry.

  7. I remember those wringers and helped my Grandma on wash days…. It was a full days job.. Lighting the copper boiler to heat the water then the swishing of the then machine to pull out soaking and put through the mangle or as you say the wringer… 🙂
    Even when I first got married in the 70’s my washing tub had a mangle/ wringer on it 🙂
    Yes we are sure spoilt these days of mod-cons … Wash days was hard work… and going back further there was the wash-boards.. 🙂
    Great to live in the time we are now ❤
    Much love JoAnna and thank you for the memories you evoked ❤

  8. Fun musings JoAnna. Washing my hair and showers do tend to not only refresh me, but change the vibe and let go of heavy thoughts. 😍

  9. That ocean pic is priceless. That has got to be really refreshing!

  10. My mother had one of those washing machines until I was nine or ten. She would ring the clothes and then take them out and hang them outside to dry. She also listened to the soundtracks from musicals when she did housework, so you brought back a lot of memories today. Thanks.

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