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Self-Care, Dog Training, and Star Trek


Your mission if you decide to accept it is to use the word, “mission,” in today’s Just Jot it January post. Thanks to Fandango for the prompt and to our host, Linda Hill for #JusJoJan. To learn more, click HERE.

I wrote a mission statement about 15 years ago. It had something to do with nature, animals, spirituality, and combining my Christian beliefs with my love for creation. I’ve done some of that over the years and hope to do more.

Having a mission is serious. I’m not sure if I want to be that serious right now. My ear is giving me twinges, like tiny shock waves every now and then, and my doctor is closed because it might sleet later. But they were kind enough to call me back and give me an appointment for Monday.

An ice storm is in the forecast here on the Carolina Coast, so many places are closed, including the rescue mission thrift store where David works. He came out of retirement to return to the director position when it became vacant. He says he likes it. As long as he likes it, that’s okay.

Today, my mission is to take care of my health. I’ve also been doing are working with our new dog Marley on leave it, drop it, get it, sit stay, down stay, and walking on a leash without pulling so much. He does well as long as he doesn’t see a squirrel. Squirrels put him into hyperdrive. Marley and Mama Cat still only know each other by sound and smell. I took him out on the catio earlier to smell around as suggested by the trainer. He was very excited, but I was able to get him to lie down stay for several seconds. The training treats help. Training Marley is sort of a mini mission. Home improvement projects, like the catio, are mini missions.

My neighbor is on a mission to save our downtown library. The county wants to shrink it, combine it with a reduced local museum, and add offices and condos to the already congested historic downtown area. The neighbor who is fighting this plan is in her 80s and has a lot of smarts and energy. I’ve helped out some but wouldn’t even try to keep up with her. Same thing with my husband David. Taking care of myself means not trying to keep up with high energy extroverts. I’ll keep working on my mini missions, reading, blogging, painting, volunteering at the farm animal sanctuary, and watching Star Trek. That’s plenty!

When the first episode of Star Trek Next Generation came out and I heard Patrick Stewart say the mission statement as “….to boldly go where no one has gone before,” instead of “no man,” I cheered out loud.

Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

19 thoughts on “Self-Care, Dog Training, and Star Trek

  1. My mission is to complete my life mission sooner than later, if that makes sense! Good on Patrick Stewart waking up to this century too!

  2. I like your mission. Taking care of ourselves is not a learned behavior.

  3. JoAnna, I hope that you find relief soon for the shock waves in your ear. The time comes when we need to take care of ourselves. By the way, have you had or has the coronavirus? There are cases that it can also affect our inner ear.

    • I have not had covid that I am aware of, but had what seemed like a mild cold last week and got a negative covid test result Saturday. The cold seemed to get better for a couple of days, but I wonder. The ear twinges showed up Thursday. Thanks for the info about the covid ear symptoms and the good wishes. I might need another test.

  4. I hope your cold and ear soon get better, JoAnna.

    I am glad to hear that Star Trek ditched the sexism. Now, that’s futuristic! 🙂

    • Thanks, Cheryl. No twinges in my hear for a few hours, so maybe it’s getting better. There were a lot of years between the original Star Trek and Next Generation. I was happy NG used “one” instead of “man” and more of the women wore pants instead of the ridiculously short dresses. They’re still making progress.

  5. A nicely comprehensive mission statement

  6. Your health is the most important. I trust that will be permanently improved

  7. 😊 Love it! Yes…best to stick to what we love and do best!
    I hope you have better luck in the dig training department. My little guy was HIGHLY MOTIVATED by training treats. He would learn a command in about 15 mins…then later in the day u would work with him again to reinforce it. Well…I would give him the first command…and he would run through every trick in the order I taught him! One right after the other and then he would sit so expectantly looking for a pile of treats!
    Take care in the ice storm…I’m traveling up north a ways and not looking forward to the cold! Although we are dropping into the mid 40’s tonight…brrrrrr!!
    Have a great week JoAnna!!

    • I’ve wondered about the treat dependence. My guy also likes to have his chest rubbed, so sometimes I use that as an alternative. We’ll see…. A little bit cold weather is nice in the winter, but It’s dipping into the 20s tonight which is rare, so I’ll have had enough soon. I’m sending you good vibes for safe travels. Dress warm! ❤

  8. I pray that your cold and ear infection are soon gone. JoAnna.

    I’m happy to learn that Star Trek no longer uses misogyny in its storytelling. The future has arrived!

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