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Good News Tuesday for May 11, 2021: Ten Year Old Refugee Chess Champ, Ocean Conservation, Removing Anti-LGBTQ Language, Elephant Sanctuary, and Aging Out of Foster Care into Adoption


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Ten-Year-Old Homeless Refugee Wins Chess Championship

In 2017, Anitoluwa Adewumi—aka,“Tani” – and his family were refugees from Nigeria. They came to the US and lived in a shelter in Manhattan. Tani learned to play chess in school. At ten years old, he has won the state championship becoming an official Chess National Master, Read more about Tani in this article from the Good News Network.

Australia Commits $100 Million to Ocean Conservation

In April, Australia announced it will commit $100 million to protect oceans. The Good News Network reports: “Much of the funding will go towards ecosystems that involve seagrass and mangroves, which play a key role in drawing carbon out of the atmosphere.” This report from GNN specifies the benefits and distribution plans.

Alabama Governor Signs Bill to Remove for Anti-LGBTQ Language from Curriculum

A new Alabama state law which goes  into effect July 1, “removes the requirement that educators teach that homosexuality isn’t an acceptable lifestyle and that being a homosexual is a criminal offense in the state. The law also will require schools to notify parents about their intent to provide instruction about sexual education or human reproduction.” Here are details more from The Hill.

Former Circus Elephants Get a New Home with Natural Habitat

Ten Asian elephants who were freed from the circus are settling in at their spacious, natural home in Florida. This is progress toward a more compassionate culture:

After Years in Foster Care, 19 Year Old Monyay is Adopted

Monyay didn’t like her foster care caseworker at first. But over the years, they developed a special bond. The caseworker, Leah Paskalides, “gave her all the support her job would allow. When Monyay “aged out” of the foster care system, Leah found a way to adopt her proving, it’s never too late. This one brought tears to my eyes:

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Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

12 thoughts on “Good News Tuesday for May 11, 2021: Ten Year Old Refugee Chess Champ, Ocean Conservation, Removing Anti-LGBTQ Language, Elephant Sanctuary, and Aging Out of Foster Care into Adoption

  1. All great stories. We haven’t talked in ages. How are you and David doing. Is his business getting off the ground? I imagine you’ve spent plenty of time at the cabin, that sounds so good. I could use about two weeks in a cabin all by myself! Write hen you can.

    • I’m glad you liked the good news stories! Thanks so much for reaching out, Melinda. We are doing well. David’s business is keeping him busy. With shop rent, I think he might be breaking even, but he loves working in his woodshop regardless. Until recently, we didn’t go to the mountains since I brought Mama Cat to live with us in October. I finally got her used to a pet sitter and we went a couple weekends ago. Is getting two weeks in a cabin a possibility for you? One week? How are you, Melinda?

      • Struggling with my health and scheduled for a knee replacement in three weeks. Because of my immune disorder I don’t go anywhere but the docotrs office, which seem to be many this year so far, One day I’ll get that week or weekend in a cabin. It must have a fireplace and lots of trees around. So glad David is happy and that’s what matters. It’s not alwasy about how much money we make. It’s just not going in the hole.

        • I’m starting to realize more and more that it’s okay not to make a profit in our retirement business. It’s more important to enjoy what we do with our time. Our place in the mountains isn’t exactly a cabin per se, but it does have lots of trees and a propane fire place that gets very warm. Keep imagining your getaway. I hope the knee replacement goes well and that your health improves. ❤

  2. Especially loved Monyay’s story of adoption at the age of nineteen. It’s never too late to become part of a loving family.

  3. Perhaps all the work I’ve done in the field of adoption makes my favourite choice obvious

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