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SoCS: Compatibility, Snoring, Melatonin, and the Magic Desk


Today’s prompt is: “List.” Make your list and check it twice. I just edited a wee bit because I forgot to mention the prompt!

“Must love dogs.” That was somewhere near the top of my list when I was manifesting a soulmate. Spiritual was up there somewhere. Open minded. Intelligent. I got those things in my compatible partner. There were other things that I got that might not have been on the list, but were in my mind, like, He knows how to fix things.

What I didn’t get, because maybe it was on the bottom of the list, or maybe it wasn’t on the main list, because there were multiple lists, was, “He doesn’t snore,” or “doesn’t snore loud.” That did not manifest. But in the big picture, if that’s our biggest challenge, and it might well be, it could be worse. At least he turns over easily if I ask him to. Problem is, he even snores on his side. But there’s a lot more to be thankful for than complain about. Gratitude gets you more good stuff.
Ear plugs decrease the snoring noise by about 40 percent. That’s not enough for the discomfort. Going in the next room decreases it by about 80 percent. Taking melatonin or half a Benadryl helps, but I better not take the latter too late, if I want to get up early.

I just read that melatonin is being looked at as a treatment for COVID because it (melatonin – a natural sleep hormone) helps with decreasing inflammation and helps immunity. I had no idea! That’s great!

Back to my compatible partner: after 23 years, he finally bought himself a new truck. I didn’t take a picture of it yet, but what I did take a picture of was the signing of the documents with the financial guy at the car dealer. The truck buying process took a BIG part of the day. But the interesting thing was that almost all the documents to be signed, and there was a very long list, were signed on a screen that was also the desk. There were only a couple of pieces of paper to sign for the DMV. David got a nifty little flash drive of the documents.

There’s no paper.
He’s actually signing the magic desk
with a magic pen.

If we can do all this with technology, we should be able to feed the hungry, clean up the planet, and figure out how to get along. And we can. Sorry, he didn’t buy a hybrid electric truck, though. We have almost no trash to throw away at our house on most weeks. We recycle and reuse like crazy. But it’s his truck. He picked it out. Nobody’s perfect. But we are compatible.

For more streams, a whole list of them in fact, and rules, visit Linda’s blog:

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Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

28 thoughts on “SoCS: Compatibility, Snoring, Melatonin, and the Magic Desk

  1. JoAnna, You seem content. I see many similarities in our relationship. ❤

    • Writing gives me perspective that makes me even more content. It’s nice to know there are similarities. I suspect we are much more alike than different. 🙂

  2. That’s some high-tech gadgetry right there. Ha, we could make lists of how we meet (or do not meet) one another’s expectations – but that list goes both ways. Kindness, acceptance, love, compassion all went a long way for me. Now that I have the tendency to snore at times, too, we both got stuck with that one. I am glad you have such a good relationship.

    • Thanks for this perspective, Maggie. The list goes both ways. In the mornings, there tend to be more covers on my side. I don’t know how how that happens! Kindness, acceptance, love and compassion do go a long way, both ways. 🙂

  3. David may have sleep aponia and you should probably have him go for a sleep study.

  4. Technology can be so cool, but I agree JoAnna. If people can figure out how to create magic desks and pens, they should be able to create peace, harmony and a beautiful planet. Good luck with the list of snoring remedies for you both and have a lovely weekend.

  5. This is a great post, Jo-Anna. I enjoyed getting to know a bit more about you. That desk is amazing. I haven’t seen anything like it here in South Africa.

  6. Very nice. I hope he’s happy with his new truck. That’s important.

  7. “Does not snore” would definitely be on my list somewhere. But, in the end, what matters most in a compatible partner would have to take prime of place 🙂
    That’s quite an interactive desktop that eliminates paper waste.

  8. How cool is that. Both the new truck and magic desk. Congrats.

  9. Haven’t taken melatonin in years. Maybe I should start back up…

  10. Compatible is good. I agree on the snoring — that’s one of those things that never even occurred to me to think about beforehand and here we are, 25 years in, and he snores SO LOUD. (Of course he says the same about me so we’re more compatible than I knew.) I’ve tried your fixes but will use Tylenol PM on bad nights. It also helps me to have a white noise machine on my nightstand to add a steady whir on top of my earplugs. It’s the little things.

    • I use a noise machine sometimes, too. Who knows, maybe my tinnitus helps more than I realize. At least I’m not alone and this is just one of those things in life…. David has told me I talk in my sleep, but not lately.

  11. Signing the desk just might be the coolest technological thing I’ve seen in a long time!! But here goes my stream of consciousness…now he got a flash drive that he has to keep…and if it is kept with all the other flash drives it just becomes a pile of flash drives you can’t find anything in!! 😉
    There is not much I hate more than buying/leasing a new car…seriously…it DOES NOT have to take the whole day…I think they have a hidden sadistic side and want to see you suffer hanging at the dealership all day!
    Hope you are well JoAnna…I love when you write about your soulmate 🧡
    Best wishes for a wonderful holiday!!

    • I don’t like car buying either, but I’m thankful we were able to afford it and that I was more of an amused bystander this time. Sometimes I wonder how many times I’ve written the same things on the soulmate topic, so I’m very glad to know you love when I write about that. I hope you have a wonderful holiday, too! ❤

      • Don’t ever worry about that!! You living your life with your soulmate and ENJOYING EVERY MOMENT could never get old!! 😉
        Thanks so much…it is shaping up to be as strange a holiday season as it has been this year! But that’s ok…it is what it is meant to be and we have choices in how we deal with it! ❤

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