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SoCS: Ready for Miracles


Today’s SoCS prompt is to find a word that starts with the letter, M, and base our post on it. At least that’s what I remember.

The word I’m going with is, Miracle.

I looked it up before I started typing this, because I was curious. The word comes from Latin among other languages of origin meaning “wonderful.” Some people think “wonderful” is overused. It’s one of my favorite words, and I’m going to use it whenever I feel like it.

We need some miracles in the United States and across the globe. Miracles seems to have to do with divine intervention, but there can also be an element or factor of manifestation, another M word.

It felt like a miracle when my high school sweetheart found me 39 years later when the timing was perfect. But I also worked hard to manifest a partner who would be compatible, while taking into account God might want me to stay single, and the compatible partner could have ended up being my dog.

I believe we will be successful in at least quieting Covid 19 and maybe even squashing it. Will that take a miracle? Maybe to get people to take precautions like distancing and wearing masks. But that brings me to a bigger concern: the political divide in the US.

It will be a miracle when we learn to listen to each other and accept our disagreements with respect. I am not neutral on very many subjects, though there may be a couple. I have made it clear on my personal FB page, and maybe slightly less clear here on WP, who I support for president. But I try not to call people names, like “idiot.” Though I occasionally give descriptions and might make a comparison. Here’s a hint of what I was watching Thursday night along with the debate.

I won’t say who Smaug reminded me of.

But I also try to post positive stuff and good news more often.

We need a miracle to bring our country together. And I don’t want it to be an attack from outer space. Let’s NOT manifest that. We need a miracle of understanding, compassion, and willingness to consider other points of view.

I admit, that if my candidate loses, I will be devastated and afraid. Very afraid. But I would like to be understanding, of my neighbors at least – the ones with the TRUMP banner in their yard. I have often shied away from intense political debates, though not in the format of Braver Angels where respect and listening are key components.

Right before I sat down to write this post, I listened to a podcast on NPR about this guy who is riding a bicycle across the continental divide of the US. He’s a journalist and wants to talk to Americans in rural areas. It’s called Facing West by Nate Hegyi.

One thing that stuck with me from this podcast was that Nate said we have more in common than we think and need to pay more attention to our own backyards (or neighborhoods) rather than the national politics to see the common ground. What I’m thinking that means is having, cultivating, grace and acceptance for my neighbors, even the ones with the T…. banner.

I’m reminded that one of my former colleagues used to say, “acceptance doesn’t mean you have to like it.”

We must have some common ground, even if it’s sharing the same sidewalk and living on the same street. I know my T banner neighbors like (or at least tolerate) trees, because they have a big magnolia tree in their little front yard. They also have dogs. One thing I’ve noticed is that a love of dogs seems to transcend politics. I only have a cat for now, but I will always love dogs.

Maybe dogs are part of the miracle. They don’t care about politics. Certainly cats don’t care about politics. They teach us to be in the moment, here and now.

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Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

25 thoughts on “SoCS: Ready for Miracles

  1. I have been holding this thought – miraculous as it might be. Imagine all we could accomplish and all we could be if we just decided to work together in unity. Wow.

    • Thank you, Maggie. I’m holding it with you. We don’t have to agree to work together. We can look for common ground and we can work out compromises. It might not be easy, but it is possible.

  2. If ever there was a time for miracles it is now.

  3. Beat Covid, be kind, dump Trump, great post 💜

  4. JoAnna, we do have more in common as humans than we realize. The trick or issue here is focusing on the commonalities rather than the differences and finding a place in the middle where we can all sit. If we can do that without anger, defensiveness, blinders and anything else that holds us back, we will be a better country and world.

    I am hoping for a “miracle” in November or, as I have been calling it, “rainbows and unicorns” in regard to the election outcome. We need a break, the peace that Jesus wants for us rather than the continued rantings of a false idol.

    • Mary, thank you for clarifying our task for a better country and a better world. It’s not easy to find that place in the middle without anger and defensiveness, but it is possible, The teachings of Jesus can guide us and give us courage.

  5. Beautiful and heartfelt post, JoAnna. Thank you ❤
    My life has been touched by countless miracles. They fill me with gratitude for all the people along the way who have made them manifest in my life, when needed. I agree when you say: "It will be a miracle when we learn to listen to each other and accept our disagreements with respect." Let us not underestimate the Power of One to spread "understanding, compassion, and willingness to consider other points of view."

  6. I am also hoping for a few miracles, JoAnna, before we put 2020 in the rear-view mirror for good.

  7. Miracles would be, well, a miracle in 2020. This feels like the lost year.
    I have to admit I struggle with “acceptance doesn’t mean you have to like it.” Not in general — there are a lot of things I’ve accepted that I don’t particularly like and it does shift perspective. But philosophies espoused by T…. folks don’t feel like they’re on the live and let live level. It’s a problem, that’s for sure.

    • I agree. Cause there are some things really hard to accept. Maybe accept for this moment that it happened, or that he really said that inflammatory racist BS. We can’t change what has already happened. but we can still have the courage to change the things we can going forward. Thanks for getting me to go deeper into this acceptance thing.

  8. You did a Magnificent job of Making the best use of an M word … simply Marvelous, Madame! On a serious note, the political situation in this country right now is dire and while I am not a believer in divine intervention or miracles, it is going to take a lot of work and determination by our newly elected leaders to begin to repair the damage of the past four years. And We the People are going to have to set aside our grievances and differences and try to help heal the Great Divide that is destroying this nation. Hugs!

    • Thank you for your kind words and for your wise words about the work it’s going to take to repair the damage and to help heal the divide that is bigger than I have ever known. Hugs!

  9. Good thoughts about finding common ground. I hope we can find more of it too.

  10. Yes, JoAnna, now that I see the image of Smauge, I think there is an uncanny resemblence.! I also think its a Miracle that such a Malicious Menace who Manifests a Miniscule intellect and Massive ego has hoodwinked so Many! Have a great week!

  11. There’s so much to love about this post! And a miracle is just what we need. I don’t understand how our country (I take that back…I do understand because I watched it day by day) became so divided. It is sad that there is such a deep seated thread of anger and hate inherent in a rather large portion of our population. I am reading a book where the gist is that we need to stop judging people, things, and events on a continuum of good to bad and just witness what IS…much easier said than done. There is so much that goes against human decency…it bogles my mind. I hope for a miracle!! I pray for peace. I do believe that we need to shine our light brighter than ever before and stay true to what lives inside us. For me, that means that I do allow others to be, think, do what they need to because if I unleashed myself in debate I would act just like them!
    Ah! Thanks for listening to my rambling. Hope the rest of your week is filled with good things!!
    p.s. I voted last week…AND IT FELT REALLY GOOD!!! ❤

    • Witnessing without judging IS easier said than done. When I see and hear hateful and divisive speech, it’s hard not to speak or write against it. But you have reminded me that I can work to hold up kindness and goodness to the light and instead of saying what I am against, I can say what I am for. It does feel good to vote. It is one thing we can do. There’s still plenty of good in the world and I’m thankful that you are part of it. ❤ Blessings and hugs from me to you! ❤

      • Right back to you, JoAnna 💜 Thanks…because you saying that also reminds me!! It is not easy to stay in that energy. I try really hard to respond…instead of reacting. Spent way too many years reacting…quickly! I finally realized that it is usually not the best strategy. Ah…a work in progress 😉
        Best wishes for the rest of your week (()) I miss hugs!

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