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Good News Tuesday for Sept 1, 2020: Eradicating Polio in Africa, Wind Turbines, Baby Elephants, and Trumpets for Guns


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Africa is Declared Free of Wild Polio

I still remember being scared as a 4 year old when my mother told me I had to take a nap so I didn’t get polio. Now, wild polio, a virus that has caused paralysis and death in children, has been eradicated in Africa. Hopefully it will be eliminated in Afghanistan and Pakistan soon. Here’s an informative article from BBC about polio and how it has been fought with vaccines.

Painting Wind Turbine Blades Black Saves Birds

Painting one blade of a wind turbine black can reduce bird deaths by 70%. I wondered why just one blade was painted. The answer is, the motion smear effect. You can read more in this interesting article from Fast Company which I found in my GoodNewsletter. .

Elephant Baby Boom in Kenya

With heavy rainfall and a decrease in international travel, 140 elephants were born in a single calving season–a record in In Kenya’s Amboseli National Park. Additionally, the Kenya Wildlife Service reported that elephant population in that country has doubled over the past 30 years due in part to reduced poaching. Here’s more from the Good News Network.

Trumpets for Guns

New Orleans jazz musician Shamarr Allen says music saved him as a kid. Now he’s started a program where kids can give him a gun and get a trumpet. No questions asked. Here’s the story:

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Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Christian, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again. I also paint angels.

11 thoughts on “Good News Tuesday for Sept 1, 2020: Eradicating Polio in Africa, Wind Turbines, Baby Elephants, and Trumpets for Guns

  1. I love all the stories but the wind turbine one was one I had no idea aobut, and care deeply for. So glad someone figured that out!

    • Me, too! I’m a fan of alternative, sustainable energy, but have always had the worry in the back of my mind for the birds around the wind turbines. I hope all them will be painted.

  2. So good to know that the issue of bird deaths by wind turbines is being addressed. Also love the trumpets for guns initiative and the way it organically grows.

  3. Lovely, Jo-Anna, these are all very uplifting stories. I am delighted about the baby elephants.

  4. I hope Trumpets for Guns results in a lot of new young jazz musicians.

  5. Shamarr Allen is truly inspirational

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