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When I Call God, Mother


Sunday Morning Revelation:

Whenever I hear a church leader or reader refer to God or the Holy Spirit as Her or She, I think, YES!. Sometimes, I do the same or say “Mother” or “Creator” instead of “Father.” I do not do this to exclude men or masculinity. Men and masculinity are equally important with women and the feminine. My growing understanding of the Black Lives Matter movement has helped me realize a parallel. For a very long time, the Christian church has been dominated by a male hierarchy. At the time the Bible was written, women were considered property. Women have had to fight for the right to vote, own property, and make their own decisions. In some churches, women are still not allowed to be priests or ministers. Yes, men are important. Yes, all lives matter. But for much of history, black lives have not mattered. For much of human history, women’s lives have not mattered. When I refer to God as She, Her, Mother, or Creator, I am not trying to exclude men, I am trying to create my own sense of balance. God is bigger than gender or race. God is inclusive. God is all colors.

Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

15 thoughts on “When I Call God, Mother

  1. It’s not exclusion. I’m not sure whether to you, your understanding of your god is feminine, or whether you like that others use the feminine

    • Thanks for expressing this, Eliza. I’ve had an image of God being male since my childhood. This has been reinforced by the language used and pictures, so it became automatic. But when I think about it and search my feelings, I’m not so sure. My thoughts are that if God is all knowing, which I believe, then God must know as much of what it is to be feminine as masculine. My belief is that God is all inclusive and beyond gender. The story of the Blind Men and the Elephant resonates with me on this topic. When other people use the feminine pronouns (in addition to masculine) or says God or Creator, (as I try to do) instead of he or she, it reinforces this possibility and inclusiveness for me. I also believe we should each use whatever language is most comfortable for us. I think it was very interesting how in the movie, The Shack, God manifested in different forms depending on what each character needed at different times.

      • I’ll check out the youtube.
        I think the he pronoun wasn’t necessarily meant as male. If you think back to the bible, one of the first things is ‘let us make man’. Man as people, not as male or female. According to midrashic sources there was both a make and female created at the same time – adam and lilith. Eve came later. Man and he were referencing people I think, rather than especially male. I feel like with the world changing he more and more refers to the male.
        Personally I don’t even like the word god because it holds too much connotations to christianity and harsh rather than love. I use Source and Infinity.
        I like although I don’t use because too much connected the Hebrew words – hashem means the name. As in there is no way to put it into words. Ribono shel olam – source of the universe. I don’t know what elokim means exactly.

        I’m glad you’re using what is comfortable for you.

        This is way longer than I planned….

        Sending sunshine and sparkles

        • Thanks for helping me learn a new word – midrashic – though I might have heard it before and know people who study the meaning of words in the Bible. One person from my church recites The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic which he said makes “Father” more inclusive. I appreciate your perspective and understand about the word, god. Maybe that’s why I’m liking the word, “Creator.” I also like “Source.” Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights.

  2. Wonderful and true post, Jo-Anna. I have written on this subject too and share your opinion.
    As to Black lives matter and women’s lives matter….and we could add more. It has taken far too long for these truths to become reality. Interestingly there were in many faiths Female gods.

    So don’t paint God with long beard
    He might be a she – or a storming cloud;
    the Sun that warms and give light,
    or the smiling moon keeping watch at night.

    Jo-Anna, you say it so beautiful in you ur last lines. “ God is bigger than gender and race. God is inclusive.
    God is all colours.

    Bless 💕.


    • Thank you, Miriam for this affirmation! I know about faiths with female gods. It’s been somewhat of a struggle to be a “Christian,” and have different thoughts than the mainstream. That’s why I belong to “The Episcopal branch of the Jesus movement” as our bishop, Michael Curry, says. The Episcopal church considers reason in addition to scripture and tradition in the “three legged stool” of balance. They (we) are open to questioning and inclusiveness.

  3. I like Delphini’s verse and your thoughts. To give God a personality is our own need.

  4. I definitely agree, Joanna.

    • Thanks for letting me know, Linda. I appreciate the support. It’s a little scary sharing something outside the box, but I was excited to have what felt like an epiphany.

  5. Well said JoAnna…. We should be ALL equal.. And God- Goddess- Mother-Father- All the same Energy Source of the One Creator.. Divine Love…
    Have a beautiful weekend JoAnna.. ❤

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