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Good News Tuesday for 7/21/20: New Zealand Success, Honoring Civil Rights Hero John Lewis, Sudan Takes a Stand, a New Statue, and Knighthood


Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

New Zealand Reports Zero Active Cases of COVID 19

The country of New Zealand has lifted most restrictions reporting zero active cases. This BBC article includes a video of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern who told reporters she did “a little dance” when she heard the news. Great job, New Zealand! And Great job, Prime Minister Ardern!

Honoring the Legacy of a Life Well Lived

“You never become bitter,” Lewis said. “You never become hostile. You never try to demean your opposition.”

In 1965, Congressman John Lewis was almost killed in a peaceful protest crossing a bridge in Alabama. But he lived on, persevering for many years, working for justice. He died on July 17 at the age of 80. In March of this year, he was able to attend the annual re-enactment of the bridge crossing, saying, “I’m not going to give up. I’m not going to give in.”

That bridge is currently named after a confederate general. One way to honor the legacy of Congressman John Lewis will be to rename it the John Lewis Memorial Bridge. You can read more about the legacy of this man of justice in this article from NPR.

Sudan Criminalizes Female Genital Mutilation

A law drafted last year by Sudan’s transitional government was ratified last week banning female genital mutilation with up to three years in prison for anyone who performs the procedure.  Another amendment allows Sudanese mothers to travel with their children outside the country without permission from their spouses. Last fall, authorities overturned laws controlling dress and prohibiting women from drinking alcohol. For background and details on these changes, please read this article from PBS

A New Statue

In Bristol, England, a new monument depicting Black Lives Matter protester Jen Reid has replaced the statue of slave trader Edward Colston. You can read more in this NPR article.

A Knight to Remember

Congratulations to Captain Sir Tom Moore who was knighted on Friday!

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Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

21 thoughts on “Good News Tuesday for 7/21/20: New Zealand Success, Honoring Civil Rights Hero John Lewis, Sudan Takes a Stand, a New Statue, and Knighthood

  1. Great news in Sudan! I hope it’s enforced.

  2. Thank you for the hope-restorative news. I read your interview with Jane Sturgeon on your book, From Loneliness To Love. It was a fantastic interview. Can’t wait to read your book. Abundant blessings to you, MW 🧡🙏🧡

  3. All great news! Well done, New Zealand! What a difference it makes with great leadership.

  4. Such good news all around. And Oxford had some promising successes with a COVID-19 vaccine trial!

  5. I really like all these. Yup. My instagram post which I think you saw about the woman who helped me is my good news for the week 🙂
    I love hearing about others kindness.

  6. NZ are fortunate in their PM; the news from Sudan is most welcome; I am not happy with anarchic attempts to rewrite our history; the knighting of Sir Tom is inspirational.

    • I agree about NZ being fortunate. Thank you for your honesty about the statue. I’m currently working on a brief presentation for a local Braver Angels debate on the statement that removing statues and monuments erases periods of our history. I disagree with this, because history remains the same and can be found in books and the internet. For me, it’s about what (or who) we want to honor and celebrate. One of my points is that statues and monuments do not have to be destroyed. Some can go to museums or private gardens, etc. Anarchy, however, is something I don’t agree with. In response to your comment, I went back and looked more closely at this article. There it was, anarchy, that I glossed over. Thank you for nudging me to take a closer look at this.

  7. Thank you JoAnna, for this wonderful energy-boost once again! I am so happy to hear about the changes in Sudan, and I especially LOVE the video of Sir Tom. It´s so cute and heartwarming, and just shows how much hope, love, and joy one single person can spread – at any age! 💖 Blessings

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