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Spay, Splay, or Spray Your Way to the Peace Train



Today’s prompt for  Stream of Consciousness Saturday:

“…spay/splay/spray.” Use one, use two, use ’em all, it’s up to you. Have fun!

There’s so much I could write about, but I’ll start with the prompt.

Spay or neuter your pet. There are so many homeless dogs and cats, so many killed because they were abandoned….   I’m feeling tense right now and sad because of the news in the US, and now, thinking of abandoned pets being killed in shelters…. I don’t want this to be a downer post, but that’s where the stream of consciousness is going for me right now. Consciousness sometimes means being sad or angry or afraid because of what’s happening….

Going back to spaying and neutering, there aren’t enough homes for them all, so I don’t understand why people would find it acceptable to breed more dogs and cats when you can adopt from a shelter and save a life. If we get another dog, when we get another dog, I’ll be looking for a shepherd mix from a shelter. But who knows who will find me.

Doodle, our Treeing Walker Coonhound, may she rest in peace, was adopted from a shelter or rescue by my husband before we got married. Her big walker feet would splay out when she got excited. It was involuntary. I wish I had a picture of her feet splaying. Here she is sleeping on our bed with her big feet.

Doodle hiding on bed


Spray. The first thing I thought about with that was pepper spray. I’ve been watching news on the protests in Minneapolis over the murder of George Floyd. When I watched the video of the police officer kneeling on George’s neck for several minutes even after he became unresponsive, I was yelling, “get off him! Just put him in the car!” (He was already handcuffed!) But when I was watching the video George was already dead. Bystanders were yelling for the policeman to, “check his pulse!” and “He’s unresponsive!” Afterward, I cried. I don’t wish I hadn’t watched the video. It was important to see it. So many black men (and women) have been killed by police officers or “vigilantes.” This one was the worst I’ve seen. But they’re all horrible.

I’m usually optimistic, and I still have hope that we can do better. Sometimes things have a way of getting worse before they get better. I believe this is enough. My heart is heavy.

I know there are plenty of (?) some good cops in the world and in the US. I know at least one personally. There must be more. Police suicide in the US is very high. Some big changes need to happen. Police officers and cadets need a lot more training in de-escalation and community relations.  That’s an understatement. They need routine screening and supportive counseling.

Here’s my hope and vision for the future of my country where violence and injustice are concerned:

The US stays involved in the United Nations. We have a Department of Peace that gets just as much funding and status as the military. We have offices of peace and peace workers in every city and town that get just as much funding as law enforcement agencies. We organize for peace. We seek it diligently. We nurture peace and each other. It will not be easy. But it is possible.

I haven’t been smiling lately, but here’s some medicine:

Oh, yeah, my husband David just made a peace chair protoype. I’m going to paint some color on it. Painting is my medicine, too.

Peace chair unpainted

Peace Chair from Reclaimed Wood

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8. Have fun!

Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

16 thoughts on “Spay, Splay, or Spray Your Way to the Peace Train

  1. A understandable post and an excellent chair

    • Thank you, Derrick. Remembering that chair lifted my spirits. I’m looking forward to painting it to add a little color, but let the wood grain show through.

  2. My heart is also heavy with pain and grief at the persistent police brutality against African Americans. I love your husband’s “Peace Chair.” Let peace begin with me ❤

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the chair. We need it to go on tour and bring a bit of calm in this noisy world. Peace be with you!

    • A peace tour. I do love to sing, but haven’t been doing that as much since church is on Zoom. You’re inspiring me to sing to the world. Couldn’t hurt. 🙂 And peace be with you, also.

  4. Nice job with the chair. We could use a little more emphasis on peach right now.

  5. Great chair! That is awesome. Does he make a lot of different things?

  6. It has indeed been a challenging week. Your SoCS reflects what many are feeling. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Our two cats are from the shelter – they were abandoned as baby kittens, a litter of 7 dropped at the side of the road. We adopted them from the family that had volunteered to take care of them until they were big enough for adoption. That chair is beautiful – I can’t wait to see how you paint it!

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