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Five Spirit Dogs


I started this poem many months ago after Doodle crossed over and updated it last week for Mary Moo. The waves of grief come further apart now. I no longer check Mary’s room every day. David and I reminisce about the pack, their antics, and individual peculiarities. Fond memories are starting to match the sadness. Maybe some day fond memories will prevail.

back cover painting (4)

Mary Moo, Jesse, Doodle, Beep, and Oreo.Β  (Back cover painting for Trust the Timing.)


Must love dogs, she said.

Be careful what you wish for.

My soul mate’s three joined my two

For a crazy blended family.

The five pack struggled to mesh.

Who was in charge?

The humans of course!

So we thought.


Little Mary Moo had been the boss.

Doodle, food-obsessed coon hound,

Taught her otherwise.

Possessive Beep and Neurotic Oreo were buds.

Golden Boy Jesse shared guard duty.

The five pack adapted.

Dog love flourished,

With episodic bedlam.


My golden boy was the first to leave.

He used to love to run on the beach,

But his old legs wouldn’t work anymore.

Then there were four.


Quiet Oreo left us next.

His lovable heart gave out.

No more thunder storms to terrify.

Then there were three.


Beep missed Oreo,

But she still had a pack to herd

Until she could walk no more.

Then there were two.


We thought Doodle would be last,

Being so loud and full of life.

I bet she took that rainbow bridge in a single bound.

And then there was one.


Mary Moo was once a feisty girl.

Almost 18, deaf and blind,

She kept looking for something she lost.

Maybe that squirrel she caught long ago.


Our five spirit dogs

Now live on the other side

of the rainbow bridge,

Not waiting idly.


Jesse swims in mountain lakes.

Oreo doesn’t have to be scared anymore.

He’s running with his friend, Beep.

Doodle is friends with everyone.

Mary Moo chases squirrels like lightening.


Jesse swimming (2)


oreo (2)





Doodle w foot on head



Mary Moo at the Boone Dog park (2)

Mary Moo


Rainbow Bridge


Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

23 thoughts on “Five Spirit Dogs

  1. JoAnna, your love for all five shines through every line. πŸ€—.


  2. I love your words.

  3. Your heart ache is turned into a lovely tribute in remembrance of your furry friends. You have proven that spirits do in fact live on. Take care.

  4. Beautiful tribute to your beloved pack ❀

  5. Very touching. I like to think that all the cats we’ve lost are somehow getting along with each other…

  6. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
    I wish there were words…

  7. Wonderful, JoAnna. Sorry for your loss, but your doggies are running around and having fun with one another. Now, for infinity. Sending good thoughts! ~Dave

  8. JoAnna, your love, David’s, Jesse’s, Oreo’s, Beep’s, Doodle’s and Mary Moo’s shines out of your painting and words. ❀

  9. Beautiful and touching.

  10. How beautiful! My husband and I in our over 19 years together have had 17 dogs, and two cats. All but three of the dogs and both cats were rescues. We currently have the five on the banner picture of my blog. Crissy, Zailey, our granddaughter Little Bitty and our youngest two Sadie and her Stitchy!!

    • Thank you for all those rescues! I was admiring your sweet pack earlier. We’re trying to resist getting another dog so we can travel more easily, but who knows when that will happen. In the meantime, we have grand dogs! I’m glad you liked my post and know you understand.

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