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Good News Tuesday for March 3, 2020: Peace Agreement, Blue Whales, Rescues in Delhi, and Inspirational Grace


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US Signs Peace Agreement with the Taliban

To say that this is complex is an understatement,  but a peace agreement after 19 years if war in Afghanistan is good news.

“U.S. officials insist the troop withdrawal timeline will depend primarily on one condition: the degree to which the Taliban fulfills its commitment in the peace deal not to allow Afghanistan to be used as a base of operations by insurgencies such as al-Qaida and the Islamic State.” NPR

The agreement also includes release of prisoners.

Here are some details from NPR.

Blue Whale Numbers Rising

The BBC reports an astonishing increase in blue whales, the largest animal on the planet. These intelligent being are still endangered however, and the 1986 IWC ban on commercial whaling needs to remain firmly in place.  Here’s more from BBC

Father and Son Sikhs Rescue Muslims in Delhi

Sikh Mohinder Singh and his son used a motorcycle and a “scooty” to rescue 60 to 80 Muslims from escalating riots in Delhi on February 24.

“I did not see Hindu or Muslim,” said Singh, who runs an electronics store and is a father to two children…. I just saw people. I saw little children. I felt like they were my children and that nothing should happen to them. We did this because we all should act humanely and help those in need….” Mohinder Singh (Tribune)

Read more of this story from the Tribune here. 


Ballerina Returns to Inspire Possibilities

While this story isn’t recent news, it is uplifting. Aesha Ash grew up in the inner city of Rochester, New York. Though she didn’t see any black ballerinas as a child, she loved ballet and worked to pursue her dream. She joined the New York City Ballet at age 18. Since her retirement, she has visited and inspired inner city children in Rochester and Oakland as part of her Swan Dreams project. Enjoy!

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Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

6 thoughts on “Good News Tuesday for March 3, 2020: Peace Agreement, Blue Whales, Rescues in Delhi, and Inspirational Grace

  1. All good news. I’m glad to see the whales doing well.

  2. The Muslim rescue story is the highlight for me.

    • It is amazing that these to men were able to save so many with one motorcycle and a scooter. I like to imagine watching them zipping a group to safety and then going back for more. Very heroic. Thanks for appreciating this story with me, Derrick!

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