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Good News Tuesday: Changing Course, Homicide Declines, Styrofoam Update, and a Food Drop in Australia


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Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time


Sorry I’m so late today. I was late to begin with, then I clicked to caption something and my whole post disappeared! I fiddled with the history, then decided to start rebuilding.

The first item came to me this morning in my Good Newsletter. I want to acknowledge that it’s normal to feel frustrated, sad, angry, or scared with all that’s going on in the world. We can’t deny the bad news, but the lopsided perspective of bad news dominance does not have to be normal. Good news is happening, too.

Feel free to share examples of good news in the comments!


We Can Change Course

Its okay to feel sadness but opportunites to change course

Homicide Rates Are Falling Since 1990

This article from the Good News Network reports and overall drop in homicide rates in places such as Asia, Europe and even some US cities.

Styrofoam Ban Update

In an earlier post, I reported that the US state of Maine will be banning styrofoam this month.Β  That was incorrect. The Maine ban goes into effect one year from now. Also, Costa Rica has decided to ban Styrofoam in 2021. The product is not impossible to recycle, but it’s complicated and rarely done. It takes a very long time to decompose and when it does, it just turns into little pieces of plastic. Who needs that? We don’t. Good job, Costa Rica!

Food Drop in Australia

Thank you again all the helpers in Australia. Please join me with continuing prayers for an end to the fires, and safety and healing for Australia.

Please share your good news in the comments!

Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

21 thoughts on “Good News Tuesday: Changing Course, Homicide Declines, Styrofoam Update, and a Food Drop in Australia

  1. I feel excited that all this good news is review for me! πŸ™‚ I must be well-tapped into the good news β€” and I thank you for your reinforcement πŸ˜‰

  2. I don’t really watch any news channels because they mainly concentrate on what happening in my local area which I categorize as bad news. Then it hit me, I could search out “Good News” on my own. There just happens to be a Good News Network online that makes a go of bringing all types of uplifting stories to the fore. One such story you might find interesting is how a heroic dog saved over 200 sheep from the Australian bush fires. He herded them up and got them far away to safety! πŸ™‚

  3. It’s hard to believe that homicide rates are dropping, given the recent array of mass shootings and gun deaths here in the U.S., but if true, it is indeed good news. I’m super happy about the styrofoam ban … I just wish every state in the U.S. would implement a similar ban. And then, about those single-use plastics …. But by far the most uplifting news is the Australian food drop. I am moved to tears by the number of wildlife that have been lost in the bushfires there. I saw a video yesterday about a baby koala that was rescued, and though he had some major burns, he has been treated and is expected to make a full recovery. Thanks for sharing good news! We all need it!

    • I was surprised to read about the decrease in homicide rates, too. At least we know progress is being made in some places, though we still have a long way to go. I love sharing about styrofoam bans because so many people still don’t get it. The situation in Australia is overwhelming. I can’t think about what I might do if I let myself feel all my feelings about it. So I have to spend some time recognizing the heroes. I just read there has been more rain. More to come! Thanks for understanding, Jill.

  4. IT can be s0 frustrating at times – but it does enable you to post that super video about the wallabies.

  5. Thanks for this! I feel itΒ΄s good news every time someone chooses to be kind and itΒ΄s good news to see how many people are helping and donating to Australia. ItΒ΄s also great news to see what the Fridays for Future movement and similar movements are creating, and I love seeing how more and more people are opting to act in an environmentally-conscious manner by taking measures such as reducing meat and dairy-consumption, flying less, consuming less, etc. Complaining doesnΒ΄t help now – only positive action and a healing focus. Thank you for your beautiful work!! So needed πŸ™‚

  6. Like you JoAnna we know there is negative horrible things happening in our world.. But we must also be aware that there are probably ten times more positive things happening everyday in our world as people unite, helping others, by doing good deeds healing and working together within Nature.. So many things which our Media do not focus upon…
    So thank you for always bringing The Good News to our doors JoAnna…
    The more who realise its how we perceive and how we think is what is generating that which we see.. So the more who can love, peace and healing into the world, the more it will be mirrored back to us..

    Sending love and Well wishes JoAnna.. Have a beautiful weekend to come ❀

    • Sue, Thank you for this clear reinforcement of why I do “Good News Tuesday.” I love that you wrote about mirroring and the likelihood of ten times more positive things happening everyday. When people see or read mostly bad news, they get an inaccurate perspective that can lead to despair and normalization of bad news. I’m trying to do my part to bring some balance and therefor more truth to our perspective. I appreciate your understanding and support very much. Love, peace, and well wishes all around. ❀

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