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SoCS Take Two: Framing My Heart’s Desires



Today’s prompt for the stream of consciousness is, “frame.” We can use it as a noun or a verb and we are to have fun!

I have to start over. Last night I worked on my SoCS post. The stream took me somewhere I don’t want to go yet. Then I started to edit. I couldn’t help myself. Just a little tweak here. And a little tweak there. And then I realized, this topic is better left for another time when I can edit at will. So here we go again with take two.

Frame. Frames. I buy a lot of my frames at thrift stores. I’ll see a cool frame without a plan sometimes for it, but I’m trying to get away from that. One frame I did have a plan for that I got at a thrift store for probably 75 cents had some mass produced art in it. I took that out. It’s not always easy to find a square frame the right size, but I needed one for my collage, the one that brought my soul mate back to me.

IMG_Collage 1167

This is one of the collages I’ve done at the beginning of each year. There are several, but this is my favorite. It has no words like the others, except that I wrote 2011 on the easel on the left. On the right is a man walking toward the woman who looks kinda like me. He’s in the distance and coming out of the darkness toward the yellow flowers.  It was in 2011 that David found me again, my first love come back after 39 years when the time was perfect. I hope you’re not tired of hearing about that. Anyway, I like the frame, and now the collage is hanging in our bedroom where it should be.

The collage was made from magazine pictures. I hope this is not an infringement to post them here and apologize if I’m using some one else’s images, but they all worked miracles in my life, so thank you. I will be happy to give you credit for your images if you let me know.

I put the owl up there, because I needed wisdom to not just follow my urges based on loneliness. “Follow your heart, but take your brain with you,” as the saying goes. I needed that owl’s help to make sure.  Now, art and nature are coming back into my life. Maybe art and nature are my original first loves that will always be with me.

What do you want to manifest in your life? Have you ever made a collage or other creative work of your hearts desires? It works! Not always right away, but focus on what you love and desire, and the good things will come. Trust the timing and get ready!

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Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

23 thoughts on “SoCS Take Two: Framing My Heart’s Desires

  1. JoAnna, how can we ever tire of hearing about love? I have done a few collage projects too detailed to clutter your comments here. I see a future post, so thanks for the inspiration. Your collage and it’s meaning are inspiring. You handled the prompt very well!

    • Thank you, Maggie. I can imagine those details and their significance. I’ve been doing January collages for many years ago with my church group. For a few years we did them on New Years Eve, then moved the collage party to Epiphany. I used to get so intense doing my collage, I would be the last one done while everyone else was dancing. Now, I relax a little and enjoy the process more. Either way, they can be powerful!

  2. I like both the collage and your description of how/why it came to be. I don’t think you infringed on anyone.

  3. A frame that holds the realization of a dream: How beautiful!

    • Thank you, Rosaliene. I love how you describe it. The collage was unframed and just leaning against a wall until a few months ago when we moved back into the renovated house, I realized it needed a special place and frame.

  4. First, the frame is lovely, truly lovely … but I’m drooling over what’s in it. The collage you made is very near and dear to me, how wonderful that it’s within your dream and vision. And, how beautifully synchronistic (again) that I’m seeing this today, as I’ve been searching like crazy for the past 2 weeks for a vision board (my first one ever) and nothing I’ve seen (cork, whiteboard or both) have spoken to me. However, you’ve given me a great idea, maybe I should be searching for a frame that I love and just use cork or cardboard in it? Maybe I’ve been looking for the wrong thing and that’s why it’s been so silent to me. 😊

    I’ve setup a bit of a sacred place in my bedroom, a little alcove with my desk in it that I’ve placed some of my angel statues on, a jug that says hope, a salt lamp, a singing bowl, chakra stones, sage, and a few other little bits of things that touch me. The only few things missing … a piece of nature, though a picture of flowers hangs above the desk and I have a long tree branch that I found outside, which I’ve painted in clear coat and just now thought of bringing in there (thanks to you for that inspiration), and I’m looking for a hanging wall tapestry, not the full wall type – much smaller, the kind hanging on wood like a hanger (I don’t know what to call them, or if they have a name?), but the one that belongs there hasn’t come to me yet. I want something specific that I’ll know once I see it. Back to your beautiful framed collage – even the owl and why it is you placed one in it ( love your explanation), again how synchronistic, that’s what I just ordered online, ‘a little white ceramic owl sitting on a little porcelain piece of wood eco friendly natural oil diffuser. I just LOVE your collage JoAnna, including the man (and who it represents in your life) coming out of the darkness toward the flowers! There’s nothing about your frame, collage, thoughts or post I don’t love. ❣️

    Big Biggy Big Big Hugs. 💖 Kimberly

    Love, Love, Love, Love, Love! Your inspiration has helped me where I was stuck in mine. ❤ Much love!!!!

    • I am so happy and honored that my post inspired you, Kimberly. I have used the cardboard that comes with frames a couple of times for collages. It works very well. Thank you for sharing about your sacred place. I get a good, warm feeling about this. And the synchronicity. I, too, am looking for a small tapestry. We just bought a little house in the mountains and the tapestry that hung on an iron frame wasn’t my style. I bought some fabric to go up there while I look for a tapestry. It might even end up being a small throw blanket or something I find at a thrift store. Isn’t it nice that these things can change and grow with us? It’s good to connect with you. ❤ Big giant hugs! ❤

      • Oh my goodness it certainly did – again so many THANK YOUs! And another thank you re: cardboard, easier and less time consuming than purchasing cork. Are you using any type of special glue or tape, push pins?

        How funny is that about the wall hanging tapestry, so many synchronistic things taking place between us in real time. The synchronicity continues. I dream, YEARN in fact, for a little house in the mountains. I’ve searched and searched the Internet for mountain areas with the least natural disasters, with low crime rates, and with as much nature and quiet, space and beauty, while not being too far from stores and needs, connecting with people and things to do in the community. Due to a very unfortunate pretty catastrophic medical incident over 3 years ago now, I also need to be near excellent health care, doctors and hospitals, and to top off my search, I live alone (with my 3 animals of course) – also why I’d like a sense of open and nature combined with community, so price is also key for me. Well JoAnna, so far there is no such place! *insert a big laugh here with a side order of woe*. As uniquely different as we are, we have a great many things in common. You’re blessed to have found your little house in the mountains, I’m sure you cherish it and by the sound of your heart, spirit and thoughts it’s well deserved. I wish I could join there far more genuinely than words can express.

        • I have most often used glue sticks for my collages. They are easy and seem to be holding up just fine over the years, though if not framed, I have had to re-glue some corners. My house in the mountains is in a community with many diverse houses – large and small, but also a lot of trees, a river and a lake nearby, and the neighbors are quiet so it doesn’t feel crowded. I had originally thought I wanted something remote with a big yard, but now realize I don’t need that anymore, and it’s better to have neighbors close by. There’s a hospital a few miles away, but it’s rather small and pretty basic. The best hospitals are about three hours away in Durham and Chapel Hill. It took me about two years of intense searching to find this house though I’ve been dreaming about it for a long time. I will be praying for you and that you find a wonderful mountain place for you and your animal family. ❤

  5. I absolutely love this collage! Hugs

  6. so artistic
    & frugal recycling, JoAnna!
    i don’t feel
    at all 🙂

  7. Lovely! I thrift regularly and never even thought to search out frames!!! Thank you! I need three at the moment, and I appreciate being inspired.
    I have made many collages. Two are framed. Most are in scrapbooks.

  8. This is a nice idea for writing prompts. I myself am fascinated wit stream-of-consciousness, and I guess I am doing this most of the time. Thanks. –Kloyde

  9. JoAnna, You did a lovely job on this collage! :-)❤

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