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I’d Rather Be Cozy



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I wrote a post last night but didn’t post it, because I was very dozy, having worked all day on the house that was my parents’ trying to clean it out of the last of their possessions that seem to go on and on…. The good news is, we have a buyer! And I told the realtor I’d have the house emptied by June 1. Well, the buyer wants to get started renovating, etc, so will remove whatever we leave.  Now I’m bringing stuff to our newly renovated house an hour north and trying to make it cozy without being cluttered. It’s a challenging task. But I know this is first world problems – having too much stuff. I’m still donating. I think I’ll always be donating.

So this morning, having slept well, I’m writing about creating cozy. But first I’ll report on something that was the opposite of cozy. I finished my RAD self-defense class at the Sheriff’s Department Thursday night. I didn’t do as well as I would have liked and can think of all kinds of moves and techniques I could have used during simulation #2 when I sort of panicked and gave the “stop” command to end the simulation. In the first simulation, when the “attacker” grabbed me, I fell HARD on my butt. It still hurts two days later, and so do my arms and legs. I restarted simulation #2 and completed it. The simulation scenarios get harder as they go, so I took good care of myself and decided to not do simulation/scenario # 3. I’m cultivating feelings of self-esteem about this taking care of myself by declining the final simulation. What I’ve learned or been reminded of during these simulations is that I do not like conflict at all, and I have too much imagination. (I knew they were pretend, but it felt real to me.) I’ve also decided that if I’m in a situation like this again and feel trapped with no way out, I will pray out loud and sing “Amazing Grace.” I will pray for my attacker. I wish I’d thought of that Thursday night, but I was so far the opposite of cozy, I sort of turned into a marshmallow for a minute or two. But I did get back on the horse so to speak. I did okay for a 63 year old grandma. The simulations were very realistic with the “attackers” talking trash.  Yep, if I’m ever in this situation, I’m gonna pray for them and me. But first, I’ll do the knee to the groin and the hammer fist and any other moves I can. But the main goal is to prevent the violence.

Today, I hope and plan to have a peaceful day, cozying up my house with my mom’s angels and things. The house is cluttered right now, but Mom’s hutch fits nicely into the hallway alcove.

(I was going to give you a photo but my phone and computer are not cooperating and I don’t want to mess up my peaceful day. Ommmmm.

Here’s a picture of some of Mom’s angels and her angel shelf I brought to my home.


Here’s wishing your Saturday is all you want it to be!

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Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

37 thoughts on “I’d Rather Be Cozy

  1. You’ve learned the first rule of self-defense: go for the nuts. And remember, the best defense is not to put yourself in dangerous situations in the first place.

  2. Your mother’s angels and shelf are so nice. I’m glad you kept them. 🙂

  3. JoAnna, congrats in finding a buyer for your parents’ house. You did well in completing your RAD self-defense class. I’m too fearful to injure myself. I love your mother’s collection of angels.

    The day I faced a potential attacker approaching me on a deserted street in Fortaleza, Northeast Brazil, I asked my Guardian Angel for guidance in the best possible defense. When we finally came face-to-face and he blocked my passage forward, I looked him in the eyes and greeted him with an open smile. I could see that he was stunned with my response. He responded in like manner and moved aside to allow me to continue on my way.

    I agree with John Holton’s advice to avoid dangerous situations. But this is not always possible when one lives and/or works in a dangerous neighborhood and use public transportation.

    • I greatly appreciate that story and how you coped with the situation. The pretend attackers acted so gruff, it triggered something foreign in me. I didn’t know the course would be so realistic or that I would react that way – both in anger and also in being overwhelmed. Prayer and goodness are more powerful than some people realize. Thank you for your insight, Rosaliene.

  4. I hope you never need the self-defense lessons learned, but it’s good being familiar with the tactics. The angel shelf is beautiful.

  5. Beautiful angel shelf. I have so many things that make my home cozy that belonged to my Mother. Happy you found a buyer that can be stressful.

  6. Hope you never need the self-defense and congratulations on the sale of your family house.

    • Thank you, Deborah. The timing of selling the family house is significant since we are hoping to buy a little house in the mountains. More on that later. 😉

  7. Great news on the house, sad at times too. I hope you don’t have to much to move out. Sounds like you got a good offer right away. that’s a nice burden off your shoulders. Always worrying about if the house is secure. Now you can take some big steps forward. What we did when David’s father gave us all the antiques we wanted was rent a storage shelter. That may provide some rest. Have a great weekend, don’t forget to take a break. Maybe a good cold Ice Tea.

  8. I think you did awesome for a 63-year-old grandma! I’m a 67-year-old grandma and I cannot even imagine taking that class. Great job! And great job on clearing out and selling your folks’ home, too … I know that must have been a bit hard, with memories flooding in.

  9. i’m happy for your good fortunes, JoAnna!
    wishing you ease in the corners
    and straightaways 🙂

  10. With a colleague I once ran courses on coping with violence for social workers. We were sometimes asked for defence techniques. I wouldn’t include them because I argued that it was necessary to have the mindset that would use them and most of us in the profession didn’t. This meant that trying could only get them into trouble. Eventually I capitulated and asked a martial arts expert I knew to take the slot. Initially he refused taking the same stance as I did. I told him he was exactly the person to take the session. He did. We were never asked again.

    So pleased you have a buyer

  11. Congrats on the house sale. I don’t know what prompted your taking the self defense class; I also have taken one. I took mine because as an instructor at UCLA I often was the last one out at night. I learned so many great things about prevention, and this was years after being a city girl and thinking about defense. I dd have to use it once, and I did scare the hell out of him. Now I also carry pepper spray… And sorry I feel the need.

  12. Hi JoAnna! Sending all kinds of good energy to you as you continue to sort…move…donate! I know exactly what you feel like! But that is great news you have a buyer. Real estate transactions can cause their own kind of turmoil….I will keep you surrounded in good mojo 😉 It’s nice to see your mom’s angels and shelve…I am certain it gives you peace. Many sweet blessings, friend ❤

    • Yes, real estate can be complicated. And the angels definitely help. Thank you so much for the blessings and good energy. I hope you’re doing well and managing to stay cool. ❤

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