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Slowly I Turned



Here’s the prompt:

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What popped into my head was something from my teen years. Early teens I think. Or younger. It was a little game we played of suspense with these lines:

“S l o w l y I turned. Step by step. Inch by inch,” one of us would say, drawing out the words with an evil look in our eyes, building suspense….. and then,

“GOTCHA!” We’d grab the other person, maybe tickle them or something. I guess it would work better in the dark, or candle light. A sleep-over with a seance. (Hey, I spelled it right!) I don’t think we ever had serious seances. Just lit a candle and spooked ourselves silly.

Speaking of suspense, I’ve been taking a RAD course (Rape Aggression Defense) like Jami wrote about in her blog.   

There are four classes and they’re FREE at the Sheriff’s Department. I have one more class to go. The instructors who are sheriff deputies said the last class will include simulations where we will be presented with scenarios to practice our skills. It sounds like we are going to be pretend attacked by unknown actors who are really law enforcement people. We will all be wearing padding. And helmets. I’m a little anxious about it. The class is thorough and interesting. It has shown me how much I don’t like conflict. Most people describe me a calm. I guess I am mild-mannered. The RAD instructors, one in particular, seem to try to make us mad, so we will fight back hard. It feels foreign to me, yet once or twice, it sort of felt good to get mad. Like I have this secret dark side. (It’s not a secret to those closest to me who have seen me mad, though not often.)

So it should come as no surprise that I don’t like slapstick (unless it’s Steve Martin) or the three stooges cause they’re always hitting each other. But I got curious about that “Slowly I turn…” business and looked it up. It’s an old vaudeville routine. I found some videos with the stooges that I didn’t look at and thought the one with Lucy would be okay.  Well, there is hitting. She’s so funny and gets triggered by the name of “the other woman.” I guess we all have our triggers.


Lucy was always such a good sport.

Yeah, so I don’t fit the stereotype about redheads and temper. But if I get triggered once in a blue moon, watch out!

PS. I should clarify that everything in the RAD classes is completely voluntary and there are plenty of check ins to make sure we’re okay.

PPS. Here’s my plan: practice the moves and cultivate CONFIDENCE.

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Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

31 thoughts on “Slowly I Turned

  1. Oh my, thank you for these memories! As kids we used to play the same “slowly I turned game.” I’m not sure I saw the Lucy sketch before. It’s hysterical. Here deadpan line, ” I’m sorry, I’m not well,” cracks me up.

    I don’t think I could tolerate a RAD class – not that I have triggers, to rape per se, but to anger and aggression. yikes.

    • That line tickled me, too. I can imagine using it in real life. I didn’t know RAD would be so realistic and “hands on.” But I’ve come this far, so….. It also helps that the instructors kid around a lot with each other and are supportive.

  2. Silly Lucy – silly games – silly me – aw, such fun memories for me were sparked by your post! Way to take that RAD class – we’ve all got that flight or fight in us, it’s nice to have learned how to control it and know what to do with the fight in us if/when needed.

  3. I’ve seen the Lucy clip. A classic. Thanks for sharing it again. I also remember playing slowly I turn at sleepovers. Fond memories.

  4. I remember that phrase and using it a lot in our play. Never knew the origin. If I had seen the Lucy clip, I do not remember it. Thanks for another walk down memory lane.

    Good for you for taking the RAD class. I like to believe in the good of people, but the news does its best to convince me otherwise.

    Great post, JoAnna.

  5. “Niagara Falls” is a classic bit that just about every comedian from the vaudeville days knew. The Three Stooges and Abbot and Costello both did classic versions of it. Lucy probably did it because Phil Silvers was on the show. He’s a classic.

  6. JoAnna, this is the first time I’m learning about the “Slowly I Turned” children’s game. I found your RAD classes of special interest. I don’t think we can really predict how we would respond to a male intent on rape. So much depends upon the given circumstances.

    Slowly I turned. I came face-to-face with my sister-in-law’s husband. His eyes, so close to mine, betrayed his intent. I backed away, escaping to safety among relatives gathered in the living room. From that day on, I avoided being alone with him.

    • I’m sorry that happened, Rosaliene. You’re right. There are so many variables. They do talk about that in the class along with the primary goal: to escape. I’m so glad you were able to do that.

  7. You watched the Three Stoggies!!!!! I say that saying all the time when I want to agrevate my husband.

  8. I love the ‘slowly I turn,’ act, so funny. I thought that Abbott and Costello did it. Costello would say something and trigger the other guy to get all menacing and start going after him. I would laugh so hard at that.

  9. I remember the slowly I turned…Fun stuff. I do love your pine tree picture. Reminds me of home growing up in South Ga.

  10. I do remember playing that. I’ve seen the Lucy video before but it was great to see it again. I really like the notion of “cultivate CONFIDENCE” Good luck with the final class.

  11. I’m not a fan of Chaplin because he is so cruel

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