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Good News Tuesday: K-9 to the Rescue, Robocalls, & Two for the Planet


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Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

K -9 Bane from Powhatan Va

K-9 Finds Missing Children

Parents looked for the two 8 year olds for 45 minutes. Then as daylight faded, they called for help. It took “Bane,” 15 minutes to find the two children who got lost while playing in the woods.  Here’s the short and sweet story from containing a video from WTVR-TV Richmond.

Good Work FTC

The Federal Trade Commission has shut down four major robocall centers for illegal activities. In doing so, they are protected the vulnerable.



Converting Plastic to Fuel

Renewlogy, a company in Salt Lake City is turning plastic into diesel fuel. Boise has a contract with the company just in time. China has stopped accepting plastic since being inundated with it. The video below has a funny clip from an old movie that shows how relatively new plastic is in the grand scheme of things and how quickly it has become a problem. Make no mistake: We still need to reduce and reuse plastics.


… and one more for the planet (It is earth month after all) :

The Great Green Wall

It might not be new, but it’s news to me and it’s good. More than 20 countries in Africa are joining together to build a “wall” of trees across the continent, and they’re making progress! We still must continue to change the habits and policies that harm the earth. What if, like the people planting trees along the desert, we all focused more of our efforts on healing the planet? You can read more about the Great Green Wall in this article from The Good News Network.  Plus check out this hopeful video.

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Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

24 thoughts on “Good News Tuesday: K-9 to the Rescue, Robocalls, & Two for the Planet

  1. Thank you for all the good news!!! 💚

  2. How uplifting! This morning, hubby and I were talking about reducing our use of plastic even more. And ROBO calls? Good riddance! Great post, JoAnna!

  3. Lots of great news, JoAnna! Especially loved the news about converting plastic waste back to its original form as a fuel. The downside is that burning that fuel for energy will add carbon to our atmosphere.

    The African project to stop the advance of desertification is incredible in its scope. But nothing is impossible to achieve without the vision and determination of an engaged population. Onwards. One tree at a time.

  4. Oh I love the great green wall!!! How cool is that? The husband has planted 5 trees around our house in the last year but three did not survive the drought last year. Still gives us two and we keep on working in it. 🌳🙋‍♀️🐝

  5. JoAnna, you always have such heartening sunshine stories. Out of the ones in this post I am so very
    happy to see what is happening in Africa and part of the Sahara. I always wondered if it was possible.
    My admiration to all the locals who so eloquently spoke English to the reporter to explain what is happening. May these trees live.
    Plastic is derived from oil so I guess we go full circle there.

    Thank you for all this … and the dog who found the children so quick.😊


    • It does my heart good to know how much you (and others) appreciate and understand the significance of people working so hard to plant these trees in Africa with hope and perseverance. And thank you for recognizing their eloquence in language. I feel like the more we hold these stories to the light, the more power they have. What we focus on gets bigger. Thank you for adding your strong and beautiful energy, Miriam.

  6. I particularly like The Great Green Wall

    • I’m so glad to know that, Derrick. I hesitated briefly to include it since it’s not new but ongoing. I’m learning to trust my gut with which stories to share. Thanks for reading and appreciating!

  7. These Tuesday Good News days certainly seem to arrive quickly these days.. Maybe as I only visit my blog reader once a week these days lol.. 🙂
    Lots of lovely Eco friendly information JoAnna.. Good to see people are waking up to their environment ❤ Special Hugs my friend

    • Time is zooming along for me, too. But thankfully, there are moments to savor. Thank you for appreciating these stories with me, Sue, and for the hugs. Hugs and peace to you and those you love. ❤

  8. All good news — much needed good news! I’m really glad the FTC is doing something about robocalls. On average, I get 7-8 every day, and one day last week I had 15!!! I tried a blocking app, but it sent my friends’ calls directly to voice mail, and let through the robocalls! 🙄

    • 15 is a lot. I’d be tempted to talk to some of them and vent, but rarely do. Better to dig up some humor if I can. I hope your robo calls decrease. Thanks for appreciating the good news!

      • They say that answering just tells them that it is a valid phone number and they will keep calling. Besides, it is usually a recording … a robocall, not a human at the other end. Thanks … I hope so too!

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