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Animal Souls



Our prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday was “soul/sole.” Linda said to use one, use both, use ’em any way you like and to Enjoy!

I’m reminded of that kid in high school English class who said, “Animals don’t have souls.”  I have no idea how it came up. Maybe animal souls were in a poem. But it still makes me angry. How the hell does he know?

I thought about this soul issue back then in high school. Being all into science at the time, I developed a theory that the power of the soul corresponds to the conscious awareness of the individual. Or maybe that was in college when I took the psychology of consciousness. Anyway, how do we measure conscious awareness? We can only judge by human standards, unless we can somehow step outside those standards – open up to the possibility that beings who’ve lived in a very different environment, like dolphins and whales, would likely have a very different way of perceiving, or being aware of their own consciousness.

Elephants grieve for their dead. They stand watch for days or longer. I believe elephants have big old souls.  There’s this video of an elephant saluting or waving (human/cultural perspectives) after one of the herd’s young was saved by some humans. I’m going to look for the video. Be right back! The video title is:

“Wild Elephant salutes the men who rescued their baby elephant from a ditch”

There are actually at least two salutes at the end of the video. It’s unmistakable. An expression of gratitude. The humans pushed dirt into the ditch for the baby to stand on and climb out. They’re trying to be careful. Notice the communication between species at the end. At the very least watch the last 2 minutes.



Quite a reunion! Makes me want to hoot and cheer and maybe get a little teary eyed. But then, I get teary eyed easily sometimes.

So does this mean elephants have souls? What difference does it make? But I believe that if humans have souls, elephants do, too. And dolphins, cats, and dogs. Anyone who doesn’t think dogs have souls can stay away from me to put it nicely.  I bet if we spent a lot of time with elephants, we’d all believe in their souls. I mostly know about dogs. When you look in a dog’s eyes and see them smile, and they sleep on your bed with you, you know they have souls. Crazy souls some of them. But maybe bigger souls than some people. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. Except that it’s a good thing my soulmate loves dogs. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be my soulmate. And it’s a good thing for him I love dogs because this crazy soul hound is my step-daughter.


And then there’s trees….  But that’s another post.

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Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

37 thoughts on “Animal Souls

  1. Nice post! I have heard elephants can die of a broken heart. There is a book by Jodi Picoult called “leaving time” it’s fictional but you may wanna check it out.

    • Thanks, J Dub. I would not be surprised about the broken heart. I’ll take a look at the book, but if it’s real sad and about animals, I can’t handle it anymore – my emotions are more intense about those things than they used to be.

    • I just looked up the book and listened to the author. She’s very engaging. It does sound like an excellent book.

  2. I love that video, JoAnna. There is so much more to animals than we understand. When people criticize by saying “they’re acting like animals” I usually think it’s an insult to the animals.

  3. Love the video and I agree that animals have feelings and souls. I talk to my dog, Maggie, all of the time and talk to the birds my dog and I feed every day. Maggie responds and the birds do too, sometimes.

    • Thank you for sharing this, Linda. I know Maggie and the birds feel your positive energy. And Maggie is a smart girl, so I bet she understands a lot.

  4. I’m here to tell everyone that cats have souls too, 100% sure. I have one now that is proof. He has the soul of a gentle, loving and annoying being. Thanks for this post, JoAnna. 😺😺🐶

  5. Great post and the video left me teary-eyed. We humans can get so full of ourselves. I think we may be quite surprised what we learn on the other side.

  6. I do believe animals and birds do have souls . When human beings have souls then surely other animals and birds do have souls 😊

  7. Amazing and beautiful post. The Elephants story really touch my heart.

  8. Elephants are so emotionally attached they are so smart and grieving is hard to watch.

  9. Watching mama elephant wave thanks, it was clear, especially when humans hooted she knew her message had been received. I can’t help notice the hole the baby fell into was man-made. It took other kind-hearted humans’ actions to undo the harm they did. I’m with you on all living things having souls, including trees, and even beyond into a realm of what we look at as “non-living”, like stones, mountains, etc. There are many tales about them. So much we don’t know…. Thank you for another meaningful post!

    • Thank you for understanding and perception, Jade. I too, was impressed (wowed) by the elephant’s clear recognition that the message was received. I read something recently about stones. There are so many exciting things coming into our awareness!

  10. Beautiful post, JoAnna. What a wonderful interaction between humans and elephants! Who are we to determine whether non-humans have souls? There are even those among us who deny the very existence of a soul. We humans, they say, are just made up of mind and matter. Nothing more.

    • Thanks, Rosaliene. In my younger science loving days, I was intrigued by the “law” that energy cannot be created or destroyed. (Only transformed.) I felt sure that there was an energy in us beyond the physical matter that exists after death in some other form. Who knows? Maybe elephants know more about this than we do!

  11. “…trees… But that’s another post.” 😀 Humans like to hang on to the fallacy that somehow we’re above animals and nature as a whole, as opposed to being part of the warp and weft of the whole weaving.

  12. I do believe all living things have a way of communicating with God, whether it be through the soul or some other means of sharing the love and appreciation of their being.

  13. I love it! Have you ever heard the concept that when we breathe in oxygen it mixes spirit into our soul (spirit from the larger essence, and soul being that part of spirit which enlivens our blood that we call our soul)?

    • I had not heard that put in those words. I love the concept! I think I will explore this more in mediation, maybe even art! Thank you so much, Sheila!

  14. It is a lovely post. Thank you.

  15. Wow! Thank you for sharing this! To hear the elephants and see the reaction from the help brought tears to my eyes! They’re magnificent beings! Yep, it is believed by many trees have souls, and why draw the line there, after all, plants and insects are aware! Who really knows anything?

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