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I Don’t Usually Do This, But….


I’m making an exception on this Pass it Along Getting to Know You questionnaire, because

  1. I only have to tag two people (I don’t want to impose) and
  2. The  questions are interesting
  3. There are only 7 questions

When M. Oniker tagged me, I first thought I’d decline as usual. But after reading her answers and thinking of some of my own, I started to reconsider. If you’ve tagged me on this same questionnaire already, I apologize. I still don’t do awards or anything where you’re supposed to tag a bunch of people, or if I just feel overwhelmed…. Why do I feel like I have to explain? Anyway here goes!

1. Name a moment in your life when you felt you were most courageous.

There were many moments of courage in the 30 something years I worked as a substance abuse counselor. It’s amazing to me now that I even did that job for so long, especially since I’ve retired and my inner introvert has come out of the closet. I don’t recall one specific moment, but I often had to assert my truth and confront the voice of addiction coming from clients who were angry and rude because deep down they hurt like hell. Sometimes I faced the monster with gentleness. Other times, I had to be firm and practice boundary setting. But I could not run and hide. I must’ve gotten better with practice, but it was never easy. Thank God for the moments of rejoicing and the privilege of witnessing recovery.  It took courage to leave that job, to say, enough, to the growing bureaucracy and red tape and trust that I’d be taken care of – just like it took courage ten years earlier to say enough after the post-divorce rebounds and trust that God had a plan for my life.

2. If you had to choose only one breakfast cereal for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

Oh good. Now we get a light and easy question. Every morning, I eat oatmeal with apples, bananas and walnuts (plus pomegranate, blueberries or peaches when in season) The every morning part might sound boring, but it’s really good and my husband makes breakfast, so I’m okay sticking with that. Occasionally we go to IHOP for dinner and order pancakes and omelettes.

3. When have you felt the most scared?

I’m sure it was when one of my kids was in trouble, like when the police called about my son when he was 15 or when my daughter was going through something scary. Nothing grabs hold of my heart like when one of my kids (or dogs) is in trouble. It was worse when they were young. I’ll never forget that feeling of being in a public place and losing sight of my child even for a few seconds. They’re grown now, but I still get a gut/heart blip  when they’re going through something hard.

4. If you could sing like any musical artist, who would you choose?

I love to sing, especially when I can experiment with harmonies. Not to brag, but I used to have a good range. Now it takes more work to keep the old vocal chords in shape. The high notes are harder to reach these days. I love listening to Celtic music and wonder if I could’ve been a Celtic Woman. But other paths called. When I read this question, Sarah McLachlan came to mind.  I also like Pink. And then there’s Loreena Mckennitt. Take your pick!









5. Do you collect anything?

Yes. Too many things, so I’m de-cluttering. The things I collect that give me joy are snow globes. Plus, I’ve inherited my mother’s angel collection and will keep many of them. Oh, and blue and amber glass bottles. But that’s it. And rabbits. And candles for hurricanes. That’s it.


6. If you could live inside a TV show or movie, what would it be?

If you’ve been reading my posts lately, you might think I’m going to say Star Trek. If it was the 60s, I would definitely say that cause of my old crush, Mr. Spock. But now I know I get motion sickness too easily, and beaming any where would probably make me faint. Plus I love old mother earth, so I’m going to go with Northern Exposure – as long as I can fly south for the winter after I’ve seen the Northern Lights. There’s something about that quirky little town and being close to nature. But I have a feeling I’d get tired of it about mid-winter.  This video gives the best overview of the show, though I wish Ed and Marilyn could have made it.



7. Have you ever had a reoccurring dream? If so, what was it?

Water has been the most common element in dreams I remember. In my twenties, I had a lot of dreams about tidal waves – trying to get out of the way, and OMG Where did we park the car? Then there were the dreams about going over steep, high bridges. Later things calmed down, and I dreamed about water covering the path ahead of me. My favorite water dreams are about stepping out in faith as a stepping stone rises to meet my foot and the dreams where I was able to breathe under water. I love to swim, so those were the best. I could stay under water as long a I wanted to. But I’ll never forget the dream where I was flying low and fast over the marshy intra-coastal canals just inches from the sparkling water.


There. I did it. That’s all the questions. The hardest part is tagging two people. There is absolutely no obligation of course.

Joey at does these things sometimes, so maybe I could tag her. Joey has some hilarious real life posts. I like how she makes up her own version of words that flow naturally.

Then there’s Laura from  where you’ll find a diverse range of topics like social justice, family, and lots of fun stuff.

Anyone who wants to answer these questions, consider yourself tagged and feel free to link your post in the comments!




Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

26 thoughts on “I Don’t Usually Do This, But….

  1. Like you JoAnna, I don’t usually respond to these. I do like the questions, and even more, your answers. It’s nice to learn more about you. I can relate to the inner introvert coming out more, unfortunately, I’m still working in extrovert roles! Kudos on the singing. I enjoy singing but have only rarely sung. Thanks for sharing a bit more about yourself.

    • Thank you, Brad. What a nice comment. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. I wasn’t sure how it would go. When I was working out in the world, I got to practice my people skills a lot – like exercising a part of your body, so I did okay with it. It wasn’t until I retired that I realized how much I prefer my time alone. I hope you get plenty of good quality time with yourself and nature to recharge your batteries. ❤

  2. Heh heh, your first paragraph was EXACTLY what I thought, too. 🙂 I cringe at passing things along and cringe at being the one who ends the chain. Thanks for playing, I enjoyed your answers. I’ll also swap dreams with you.

    • Thanks for the understanding and support! You’re welcome to share my dreams. I read a children’s book which encouraged using the imagination to go back and change the outcome of the dream. I think of it as rewinding and editing a movie. You could imagine anything from the monster turning nice, shriveling up and going away, or you going ninja on him before he hurts you. Then you go back into the purple mansion and have some fun or whatever you want!

  3. I very much enjoyed reading your answers and getting to know more about you, JoAnna. I bet you were really good at your job, because you care, and sometimes caring is everything. Not sure if you saw I picked Northern Exposure also. See you there! 🙂

    • Thank you! I believe I was good at my counseling job, but the mounting layers of “paperwork” got in the way more and more. The best counselors I worked with could not keep up with the growing paper/computer work because they cared so much more about the people they were trying to help. I tried to do both well but the administrative emphasis became unhealthy. Sorry for the mini rant. I miss counseling, but so thankful to have escaped the bureaucracy. Maybe I’ll see you up north this summer! 😉

      • What you are saying is exactly what the situation with my job. The important part, working with the kids and their families, was last in line in admin’s estimation of importance. Making it look good on paper was everything to them. Not sure if you saw that they are making new episodes of NE?? Can’t wait!

  4. I probably wouldn’t respond to most of these, but I enjoy reading your answers. You did well. As for the Star Trek answer, it’s probsnly just as well. Nurse Chapel has a crush on Spock. It didn’t go anywhere.

  5. We have something in common on our dreams JoAnna.. I am always rescuing people in my dreams from drowning, Water, and floods tidal-waves etc most common.
    I think you are very courageous to have been doing that kind of work for so long, it really is a credit to you, and shows in your compassionate spirit JoAnna..
    Loved reading your answers.. I love fruit and nuts at breakfast time and in the winter like nothing better than a bowl of porridge with sliced banana’s 🙂

    Have a peaceful weekend.. take care my friend and keep nurturing yourself too ❤

    • I’m glad you enjoyed my answers. Thank you, Sue, for your affirmation. I think I got a little burnt out from that old job and maybe still recovering from it. Thank you also for sharing your dreams. I hope you have some water dreams where you just get to relax. Wishing you a weekend that is full of blessings. ❤

      • I know how stressful it can be, in the last three years I had been one on one caring with a lady with metal health issues, She had been locked up for seven years, and it was felt she would be better integrated back into the community, so she was set up with her own small house, and 24/7 care. But she still self harmed, and had violent outbursts especially when Dr’s decided to mess with her medication, and Staff bore the brunt of it. Lone working meant we had to lock ourselves in our rooms at times, until others could arrive to give assistance. At 60, I decided I had had enough of verbal abuse and having things thrown at me.. So I finally took early retirement.. It takes a while to stop living on a knifes edge. and wound down and relax..
        The dreams are mainly rescue dreams, and I bless the nights I don’t dream and wake refreshed.. Much love to you JoAnna and take care too.. ❤

  6. Those were fun! Good questions, good answers. I love oatmeal, too. I have one angel and guess where I got her? From my mother. I love the dream section. We dream alike, you and I. Thanks for sharing this and for tagging me. I will do it and it will be fun 🙂

  7. Loves reading your answers, Joanna 😁 I have never watched Northern Exposure…but will have to check it out. YIKES! We both have tidal wave dreams!! Have to say they are not pleasant.
    Hope you are well and that the house is coming along 😁 Sweet blessings 💜

    • My tidal waves have become much smaller over the years. I hope yours have too. Maybe it has something to do with living on the coast. You can watch Northern Exposure scenes on YouTube. Ed and Marilyn, both native Alaskans, are two of my favorite characters. Things are moving along. Thank you for your hopes and blessings. I wish you peace and blessings too. ❤

  8. i’m inspired by your retrospection, JoAnna 🙂

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