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SOCS: Bad Bones, Good Bones, and Boneheads



Today’s prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is, “bone.”

Does my husband call his favorite dogs, “bonehead,” because he doesn’t want to get too attached? Too late. It’s an act. If they are ever sick, he worries like a daddy over his baby.

You probably know not to give dogs chicken bones or fish bones. Add pork bones to that list. Years ago, we gave our dogs bones we bought at the grocery store just for dogs. I’d done this before with no problems. A little while later, there were no bones! Then I noticed splinters! OMG! They ate the bones! Turns out they were pork bones and not beef. Pork bones splinter. Thank God they had no noticeable ill effects. It’s probably best not to give dogs bones at all to be safe.

Yesterday, I  took a chance and let someone come look at the house I inherited from my parents. I’ve been pestered with postcards at least once a week saying “I want to buy your house,” for over a year. These companies buy houses as is and flip them. So this guy comes in and looks the house over. He was very nice in a car salesman kind of way. (Sorry if you sell cars.)  He explained the formula and said they would give me 35,000 for my parents house. He said the house has “good bones,” but they would basically gut it and make it look like something from HGTV with state of the art appliances. He mentioned a $3000 refrigerator. What a bone head! I didn’t call him a bone head out loud, but sheesh. I did say I would never spend $3000 on a refrigerator. I didn’t even throw him a bone. If I did, it would be a pork bone.

Surely there are people who would like a nice three bedroom house with a big back yard, a metal roof, reinforced windows, imperfect walls, and regular old appliances that work just fine. (Well, once we fix that burner on the stove.)

I’ll be doing a little more painting and refinishing a couple of the cabinets, then I’ll be calling some realtors.

I’ve been meaning to let you know that the touch lamp in my mother’s room has come on a couple of times by itself. Unless I forgot and left it on, but I don’t think so. It’s  Mom dropping in occasionally to say hello.

Mom's lamp



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Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

26 thoughts on “SOCS: Bad Bones, Good Bones, and Boneheads

  1. We watched a crew prepare and flip a house in our neighborhood. Everything they did was cosmetic. They painted over defects that should have been repaired. They made the house look good, but the new owner has a house with problems. I’d rather buy it from you, the way it is.

  2. Let’s hope you don’t get a charlatan developer

  3. We did our own ‘updating’ to see my mom’s home, and it worked well for us. Luckily we found a great realtor who was wise in what are the best things to do to update the home without breaking the bank in the process. Good luck it sounds like you’re making great progress.

    • Thanks, Shelley. That’s the kind of realtor I will be looking for.

      • They seem to do well for you when you flatter their efforts to get your attention. The guy I went with had simply been faithful at mailing my mom’s address on a regular basis. I kept all of his cards and told him that was what made him stand out. It was the personal touch of reaching out that made a difference to me. He lived up to those expectations. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  4. I doubt he’d really put in a 3K fridge. In my experience with my mom’s house, they did the bare “bones” minimum. Made it look good for show but left bigger repairs for the new homeowner. The flipper was in and out. I think we got taken advantage of during a sad time. My husband tried to talk be out of selling that way but I just wanted the pain to go away. Too many memories. “We buy ugly houses” is their advertisement. And they’re still around.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience. It helps me realize that there are options and no one way works for everyone. I can understand wanting the pain to go away, and you did what you needed to do to take care of yourself. Some friends suggested I start by putting the house on Facebook when I’m ready. Still some processing of stuff to do, like the attic. So many memories. Maybe that’s why the plethora of photos are so hard for me. It takes a lot of energy. Maybe I need to be gentle with myself on some things.

  5. Everybody thinks flipping houses is an easy way to makes tons o’ money until they try it. Go get an honest appraisal of your Mom’s house; I’ll bet it’s worth twice that.

    A $3,000 refrigerator? He’d probably need to do at least that much work on the wiring…

  6. Love that bit about the touch lamp. I’d like to think that it’s her way of saying “I love you” and “thank you” for taking care of her home. I hope that you find a buyer sensitive to the human warmth that resides within its walls ❤

  7. The real estate folks think they have found a sucker when they offer 35k for a house that is worth much more. Don’t give away the property. I am still emptying my sister’s house and it is slow process. It was not cluttered by I have limited assistance and have been giving furniture to friends and relatives. Many things I have kept because they were heirlooms and dishes that belonged to my parents. But anyhoo, yes, I get offers from what I call crooks for some farm property as well. They want to buy prime land at measly prices. I laugh at them.

    I feel for your plight. I am in just about the same boat as you- the houses or just different and in another location. I am not going to deal with an agent. The percentage they take is 6% here in Texas and that is way too much money for essentially no work on their part. Put a sign out and see if you can bargain with a neighbor to show the house. You’ll save a bunch of money.

    • Thank you, Yvonne. I got a similar suggestion from some friends today who said to put photos on Facebook. I still have the attic to work on, so I don’t need to rush. We will just keep going at a reasonable pace without stressing about it. I appreciate knowing I am not alone. ❤

  8. I totally want the house described. In fact, I live in one. Modest as it is, it was a helluva lot more than $35k and doesn’t even have a metal roof YET., although when the time comes, that’s our intent.
    Sadie gets beef femur bones, vet says that’s why she has great teeth, so we stick to it. Had I done SoCS, I would have written about how she hasn’t had one in weeks and I keep forgetting to look for them! I am a terrible dogmom lately, huh? Anyway, no cooked bones ever, but that’s good to know about the pork bones too. I’ve never noticed them in the store — like ham hocks? We’ll just stick to beef femurs, safe and effective 🙂

    • Thank you. Most people live in houses like ours. Regular people. If I remember correctly, the pork bones were in the rack with the other dog bones where I’d gotten beef bones before. I just didn’t notice a difference. No dog moms are perfect. Sadie will enjoy her next beef femur without resentment because dogs are like that.

  9. The lamp is a beautiful reminder of your mother. She is over seeing the loving care you’re taking with the house. Yes, normal people want a house like that. I went thru the same thing with my grandparents house. We listed, within 30 days a guy bought for full price and planned to remodel and all the work himself. There is a perfect family or couple for the house. 🙂

  10. I spluttered over my tea while reading the price of a refrigerator.. What planet was he from?? lol…
    I am sure the right couple will come along just at the right time, after your lick of paint etc JoAnna, and big smiles at your Moms Touch Lamp, I think she is most definitely around you…
    Perhaps pay attention to what your thoughts were dwelling on when you next see the lamp turned on? often they want to convey a message…

    I remember when my daughter lost her boyfriend, he was in the army a the time… She would get rapping on her radiator, definite knocks, not water inside…
    We had a Morse code book, and the first wrappings spelt out his name Lee… And later he spelt out Lee ‘fine’…
    After she acknowledged them they stopped…. He just wanted her to know he was Ok..

    Love and Hugs dear JoAnna… thank you for sharing.. and agree bones are bad for dogs… ❤

    • Your story about your daughter and her boyfriend gives me warm tingles. Thank you so much, Sue. And thank you for the suggestion to pay attention to my thoughts when the light comes on. Maybe I’ll stop and journal when it happens next. Your wisdom and support mean a great deal to me. Hugs and Love. ❤

  11. I bought a flipped house when I moved here. It was done pretty well but some things that were left undone should have been fixed. The price was right, and the house is nearly 100 years old so I expected to fix s few things. Anyway, hope your sale goes well. Love that your mother stops by, that’s very cool! Big hugs JoAnna!!

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