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Good News Tuesday: Feeling Thankful after the Hurricane


When you have no electricity, the moon shines brighter.

IMG_1021.JPGI’m writing this Monday afternoon  on  my little phone while I charge it in the car so don’t know how this unedited photo looks. But I was so excited to see the moon a couple nights ago. Even though we don’t have electricity, my family home had no damage and Hurricane Florence is gone. I’m saddened by the loss of life, human and otherwise. I’m thankful that so many have come here to help.

We found a restaurant open yesterday evening. There was a line waiting out the door. They were extremely busy because so few places were open. Same  thing today except the line was even longer. But every where we we’ve been since the hurricane, people have been patient, polite, and quietly friendly – thankful to be safe and to have something to eat in a place with  air conditioning.

I’d like to share a good news story from the larger media. Let’s see if I can do that.

I don’t know if it worked as my phone is very slow. It’s a story about someone rescuing animals from rising water. Please don’t leave your pets in a disaster. Make arrangements. Figure it out.

But this is Good News Tuesday, so let me end by saying THANK YOU to all the many helpers!

The faithful moon came out again this evening and peeked between the treetops. Maybe it will light up the backyard.


I miss reading your posts and look forward to catching up eventually. In the meantime, I’m thankful for your prayers and good thoughts and thankful too for moonlight, sunlight, gentle breezes, candles, peanut butter, and a place to call home.

Sunflower w address

Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Christian, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again. I also paint angels.

25 thoughts on “Good News Tuesday: Feeling Thankful after the Hurricane

  1. I am so glad that you and y0ur husband are okay and that your home was not damaged. Yes it is good to be thankful for what you have . I think in times such as this we all become more appreciative of how blessed we are. Seeing all those animals being recused lifted my sprits but oh my the awfulness of the situation. I can not imagine leaving ones dogs caged. Thank goodness for those great rescuers.

  2. So glad you are your hubbie are safe, JoAnna. Wrapping you all in ❤ xXx and hugs x

  3. I am so glad to hear you and yours are safe and there is a deep calmness in your post.
    Your tale of the friendly people waiting patiently in lines in quit small talk touches me.
    Near disaster teaches us an awful lot about the preciousness of life.

    Bless you all


  4. I’m pleased things have calmed down

  5. Glad to hear that you, your family, and family home have survived the worst of the storm.

  6. That is lovely news to hear. Thanks for sending an update from your car charged phone. Glad that you have nothing more to condend with than power outage. Very happy that you are safe. Enjoy the moon and the stars. 🌛⭐🌕🌟

  7. I am delighted JoAnna that you are safe and sound and nothing major has happened around your property.. To say you posted this from your phone this post came out really well.. So well done..
    The article on the Pet rescue so important to think about our pets and wild life who have no where to run to…
    I hope you can soon recover and get things back into some semblance of order JoAnna..
    While we did not get Hurricane force Florence. Here in the UK yesterday we had storm Ali which took two lives.. We were fine.. But another weather front heading our way this evening with more high winds and torrential rains..
    The rain making up for the dry Summer drought.. So filling the reservoirs again..

    Take care.. And MUCH love JoAnna.. ❤

  8. I’m glad you’re safe and well. Thanks for sharing what life is like in your area right now. We’re all thinking of you.

  9. So glad to hear you are safe, and well. And got your power back! Hope we’re all done with hurricanes for awhile.

  10. So happy that you and your family are safe! God Bless 🙌🏽💫

  11. Great news it’s over and the moon photo is really pretty. Thanks for sharing your news and thoughts.

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