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Great Spirit


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Today’s Stream of Consciousness prompt is “reservation.” It’s got me in a serious mood for the moment. I’m thinking about American Indians in the US being pushed aside and forced to live on reservations. In my high school English class we had to read, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. I’m glad we did because we need to know what happened.   There are a couple of horrible scenes from that book that remain with me these 44 years later. How can it be that long? How can it be that what happened on the Trail of Tears is not talked about much anymore in the news. Yes, it’s history. But that is where my mind is going. It was such an injustice. Poverty and hardship still weigh heavily on the natives of my country. I am sorry.

Reservations can be made for something better. A better world may come if we create it. If we can. And we can, because anything is possible. Sometimes I want to hide and sometimes I want to change the world in small ways, making ripples of hope and kindness. I can get caught up in looking for log cabins in the mountains to reserve for escape. I suppose we need balance – working to make things better and taking care of ourselves – are both necessary.

Singing helps me. Years ago, I learned some Native American chants in a meditation class. I found this one in my beloved Earth Prayers book later. This is how I learned it:

Where we sit is holy

Holy is the ground

Forest, Mountain, River

Listen to the sound.

Great Spirit circle

All around us.

Holy is the ground. Let us reserve and preserve the forest, mountains, and rivers in the way our Creator made them. Creator, Great Spirit, God, Goddess – I believe they are all the same. Let us find our common ground for that is holy. Our common ground can save us. Great Spirit circle all around us.


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Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

25 thoughts on “Great Spirit

  1. I’ve read many stories about Native Americans and they always leave me sad. The amount of injustice meted out on them is just awful. This music is haunting.

  2. Oh my goodness JoAnna.. I do not believe you also love this song.. I have this Song also, and would play within my circle we would drum to it too.. Many thanks for sharing it again.. Its been a while since I played it.. Seems Native American Indians are making their presence felt with both of us again right now..
    LOVE and Blessings.. Enjoy a fantastic weekend ❤ xx

    • They are making their presence felt. I had not expected to write so much about this and had not seen your post which I am about to read now. Thank you for affirming what came to me in the stream. I need to sit down with my drum soon! Love and Blessings, Sue! ❤

      • Yes, I was called to drum only last week, not having picked it up in a while and then the synchronicity of the Natives came into being.. Seeing YOUR Post after my own like you, confirms to us both we are aligned into the Spirit of their energy.. And they are imparting a great message via us at this time..
        So yes, We need to Drum, and Listen and just write what we feel when we go within their stream of consciousness 😀
        Wonderful and LOVE it when this happens unplanned LOL.. Showing us both we are on track..
        Keep in the Flow.. ❤ Much LOVE to you JoAnna.. xx

  3. JoAnna, your stream of consciousness piece ” Great Spirit” is so deep, true and beautiful. I feel like you about the subject but also hope and trust that all our ripples of love and care will make a difference.
    The medicine prayer/song is one I now saved.
    It is so serene .


  4. Lovely song!
    So many cruelties lay behind us. The best we can do is fight to prevent them continuing.
    Thanks for this, JoAnna. ❤

  5. beautifully expressed memory & song, JoAnna!
    there was a lot of sadness on the reservations
    i worked on during my career!
    and yet, these reserves
    allowed many indigenous peoples
    to live, as most did not survive
    the occupation 😦

  6. I wish more people felt that the ground is holy.

  7. Nice post. I have been very fond of native American Indian music. I adore flute music and this piece is quite beautiful.

  8. A favorite of mine… Lovely post, JoAnna!

  9. Such a beautiful and touching post. Very timely for me this week. Thank you for this.

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