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Are You Going to Eat That?


Dave and Doodle on sugar loaf (2)

You stopped eating! That means you’re done. My turn!

I’m not done eating, Doodle.  I’m looking at the computer.

But you stopped! You must be full. I’m starving. Give me the rest!

People don’t eat like dogs. We take our time.

Maybe that’s because you never been starving. I thought I was going to die in the before time.

You’re okay now, Doodle. David says you’re getting fat.

Bowooooo!  No way! Are you going to eat that or not?

I’m still eating. Be patient.

You’re staring at that thing like there’s food in there. You’re gonna save me some right? You have to. That’s the deal.

I’ll save you some Doodle. I always do.

Because I’m a good dog.

Yeah, right. Okay.

Save me all of it. And let me lick the bowl.

Just a minute. See, I’m eating.

Well, why are you taking so long? Just give me a bite.

You know you’re not supposed to eat from the table. I’m almost done.

Don’t let Mary have any. I’m the best dog. See, I’m in my room. I’m waiting.

Marigold’s sleeping. I guess you can have the rest in your room.

In my room! Yes! See, I”m sitting. I’m good!

Okay, Doodle, here you go. Clean it up good.

Yes! Yes!


My step dog, Doodle, was rescued from the streets of starvation nine years ago by my husband David. When she watches me eat, her eyes shift back and forth from my food to my face. She does the same thing looking at the dog biscuits on top of the refrigerator when she thinks it’s time for a “cookie.” (Yes, I know she’s spoiled.) She loves people, but being obsessed with food, she is competitive with other dogs. Her coon hound baying is so loud, it can even wake up Marigold the mutt who is 16 and practically deaf.

If you like dogs, you’ll find a pack of ’em (including Doodle and Mary) in my book,

Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again.

Doodle and Mary

Doodle w foot on head (2)

Did I hear the refrigerator door open?

This post was inspired by Mary Melange and her talk with Ziva:

Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

21 thoughts on “Are You Going to Eat That?

  1. A perfect silent dialogue – so difficult to resist

  2. What a beautiful post JoAnna.. So loved that narrative. It made me smile.. Doodle looks a wonderful dog, as does Mary.. Wonderful to read, and good luck with your book JoAnna.. 🙂 xxx

    • Thanks, Sue. 🙂 Doodle has always been something of a “problem child,” but she’s growing on me after almost 7 years, and I do love her. xxx

  3. Doodle is so cute! Gibbs and Ziva can both relate to his obsession with food. It’s one of their pleasures in life!
    Thank you for the mention and link, JoAnna. Ziva and I are honored to have inspired your talk with Doodle. We hope you do well with your book. 🙂

    • Thank you for encouraging me to write it, Mary. You should see Doodle when it’s time for David to take her for her evening walk. It’s almost as much an obsession as food. She becomes hyper-vigilant and stares at him as walk time approaches.

  4. Resembles a conversation that occurs daily at our house. Everything is their “favorite thing”

  5. Oh Doodle…spoken like a true hound dog!!!!

  6. Great dialog with Doodle – I’m pretty sure Maddie has that talk with us whenever we’re eating (and she isn’t). She also does the “are we going…” maneuvers when it’s tie to go for our walk.

  7. Great shot of Doodle and his floppy ears in that chair! 😀 Love dog dialogue, too 😀
    Yeah, Sadie doesn’t understand setting the plate back down, either. Sometimes she can’t even be a good dog because there’s stuff on the table and she wants it. She can’t leave it, not for pettings, not for snuggles, not even for toys. 😛

  8. I love those doggy eyes of love and pleading. Conversations with pets were a daily joy, they even knew how to spell “o-u-t!” Toby would run to get his leash. 😊🌞

    • They get good at learning things they like. I had a dog that learned what w-a-l-k meant. We tried to spell it out in a question, but he figured it out. 🙂

  9. Amazing how they can be so expressive without one human word!! 😉

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