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Thanks to God, Guardian Angels, and A Piece of Metal


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Today’s good news is personal.

But first the bad news:  My new car got banged into with me in it. It might even be  totaled.

The Good news is nobody got seriously hurt.

Monday morning, my car was all packed, the gas tank was full, the oil had been changed and the tires rotated. Excited to be going to see my son and his family,  I kissed my husband and headed out to pick up my friend for our trip to the mountains.

At an intersection, the light turned green and I drove forward. I looked to my left just in time to see, as if in slow motion, a truck heading into my car, and felt the BANG into the driver’s side of my Hyundai Tuscon. My head hit the inside of the door, and I started cussing (something I rarely do out loud.)  I sat there, stunned, until the officer came over, and I managed to get the window down. He asked if I was okay, and I said, “I think so.”  He told me to go ahead and get out of the car. Shaking, I got my purse, climbed over the console, and got out the passenger side.

My retired EMT husband came quickly and did a personal assessment. He helped me get all my stuff out of my poor Tuscon before it got towed away. We put all my stuff in my friend’s car and headed for the mountains a couple hours later than planned.

So, big THANK YOU to God and my guardian angels for keeping me safe. And thanks to my Hyundai Tuscon, for bearing the brunt of the hit. I don’t know if the car will make it or not. I’ll grieve a little if it doesn’t. My husband says, “It’s just a piece of metal,” and the important thing is that I’m okay.  And he’s right, but  I was just getting to know that piece of metal, my first ever new car I never thought I’d have. Does anyone have feelings for their car?

But the important thing is that nobody got seriously hurt. I’m okay except for a bruise on my head, and I think I’m more tired than a I realize as I type this Monday night.

I probably won’t post again until Saturday, but I’ll try to check in when I can. Today, I get to spend some time with my son and granddaughter in the mountains.

Life is precious, every day.


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Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

35 thoughts on “Thanks to God, Guardian Angels, and A Piece of Metal

  1. Thank God you are ok😊❤

  2. What a horrible fright. Glad you are ok xx

  3. So pleased it wasn’t worse. Watching it happen would have made you feel helpless

  4. Ah! Joanna! I’m so happy you were not seriously injured! Please stay aware…you said you were so tired…you hit your head. I’m not putting bad things into the universe, but head injuries are strange. Just keep yourself apprised of possible concussion symptoms.
    As far as the car goes, yes, it is a piece of metal…but it is okay to really enjoy it. I love to drive…and have loved many of my cars. You will find another…I promise!😁
    Take care…and enjoy your visit!!!

  5. I am so glad you’re OK, JoAnna. It sounds like that could have been a lot worse. Your husband is right, you can replace the car.

  6. Best wishes on a safe trip after the accident. I normally don’t think much about the machines that I have used in the past, but people and events that happened around them might make some of those machines stand out for me.

  7. Glad to hear that you’re okay.

  8. I’m so glad you are ok. And yes I have feelings for my piece of metal 😁 white Citroen1 the only new car I’ll ever have and it’s called Shirley…. 😚

  9. Car accidents and body trauma can take days to show up. Have your family and friends watch you for strange behaviour ( you won’t notice) or slurring of words…get thee to a hospital for a checkup if they are concerned… It can be nothing, or it can be a life threatening sub dural haematoma. Best to play it safe and listen to advice. Be well.

    • Thank you very much for these suggestions and good thoughts. The swelling on my head bump has gone down a lot and people are checking on me. I’ve had a busy day and hope to rest more tomorrow.

  10. So glad you’re feeling okay. If you feel badly at all in the next few days, please go in and see a dr. I sure hope you enjoy your family time! 😀

  11. So sorry about your accident! And so happy you got to go visit your son and granddaughter too! Enjoy! See you when you get. Ask!

  12. I’m glad you are okay! 🙂
    A new relationship with your new or old 🚗?
    I’m grateful that your car protected you!

  13. Praise God that you are okay lovely lady! 🙏
    Hayley 😊💜

  14. Dear JoAnna, a car accident can truly be a frightful scare! I am happy to hear you are okay. As any experience though, car accidents can also have a positive and transforming quality. I have had two car accidents where the car spun over and am very happy to say that I survived both of them without anything but minor blemishes. The first one happended when I was just 21 and remember thinking as the World spun around outside, and snow and shattered glass flew through the inside of the car: “I might die now, and I haven’t even experienced true love!” That thought gave me a good kick in the behind and ended up with me priotitizing love in my life, and meeting my wife less than a year later! My second accident two years ago was worse in a way since the impact locked me in my seat for a good hour Before the fire department came and cut the steering wheel off and let me free. During that hour I had a good think-through of my life at that point, and started a process of openness to new ideas which I am still reaping the benefits of. Life is precious, the people around us are precious, and we should therefore be nice to eachother and take care of eachother. Thank you for sharing your story and also for following my blog. I hope my very long comment is not inappropriate.

    • I love your comment and it is not inappropriate. What a moving story and a very good point. I will consider this closely as I whine about being nervous/cautious at intersections. I do believe that every bad thing that happens does have a gift. Thanks for helping me look for these.

  15. I’m happy You are alright! This is a lovely post. Thank You. 😊💖

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