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Is This Normal?


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So far, all my bloodwork is normal. My doctor says that’s rare for his patients. Does that mean he sees a lot of old people? There are a lot of old people in the waiting room. Older than me. Mostly. So I should feel good, right? that my bloodwork is normal. So why do I have some days when I feel like sh* – ? Well, it’s really a few hours, like twice a week or so, in the afternoon usually, I feel like I’m coming down with the flu. Body aches, inflammation. Then the next day, I’m fine. Or even later that night, I’m okay.

I have lots of days when I feel good. So I am thankful for that. I wrote a gratitude list this morning and there was plenty on that list to be very grateful for. I’m not so much whining as wondering. (No, I’m whining, but I don’t whine much.) I would just like to know why over the past few weeks, I’ve felt achy.  Could it be osteoporosis? I have been diagnosed with that, but that was a few years ago, and this achyness is sort of new. Except that I felt the same thing during my second pregnancy 25 years ago.

Okay, I’m almost ready to get off this pity potty. But the other weird thing is that moderate exercise seems to help ease the achy feeling. I got my doctor to do some additional testing and most of that is back. Negative for RA and negative for one of the inflammation factors. I need to call back to check on the others. I bet it will be normal, and this will still be a mystery. But since exercise seems to help, and I’ve already cut WAY back on sugar since lent started, maybe I will stop talking about going to the Y to get back into swimming and do it.

Or maybe I’ll start jogging again. This lady will inspire me:

Anything is possible!

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Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

22 thoughts on “Is This Normal?

  1. I feel bad in the mornings so I do empathise. I had tests too, all normal. Exercise is excellent it will help 💜💜keep moving xx

  2. Inspiration indeed. I wish you well

  3. So far, I’ve found that exercise cures lots of my ills. Not that I have a lot of ills, but it sure straightens out my low moods, low energy, and low inspiration. I go to dance class at least three times a week, yoga once or twice. So far, it helps! I enjoyed your so far stream. xo

  4. Sounds strange, JoAnna. I hope you are able to get the bottom of it, or that it simply fades into the past. The first part of your article here cracked me up: the idea almost no one has bloodwork that’s normal. Haha! So what is the point of normal then!?

    Anyway, wishing you well…

    • So happy to crack you up, Michael. I’m sure there are more young people who have normal bloodwork, but you’re right. Why should that be? I like the idea of my aches fading. I have a feeling the right kind of exercise will help. Thank you!

  5. Exercise always makes my body feel better and swimming is a great way to get cardio without pounding pavement, I hope that continues to help you.

  6. Yes, exercise will help! Hope you feel better soon!

  7. I hope the exercise continues to help, JoAnna. We don’t have a good place to swim (and I’m not that good a swimmer) but we are working more simple exercise into our lives. It does help.

  8. Did they draw a Lyme panel?

    • No. Thank you for asking. I had not thought of lyme since I have not been aware of any tick bites in a long time. However, that is something to consider if everything else is “normal.” I’ve certainly been in the woods a lot over the years.

  9. I’m so glad all your bloodwork was normal. I have RA and I feel awful when I don’t get enough exercise. I mean, it’s sincerely noticeable and unpleasant. Swimming is my favorite, but walking is often less of a hassle. Yoga, or at least some stretching, is necessary for me daily. I’ll ache and spasm otherwise.
    I have a thing no dr has been able to pinpoint the cause for — I get cold and achy for a few hours. Even living in Georgia, in the heat, I’d have it. Just cold and achy to the bone. I couldn’t match it to hormones, or see it in a thermometer, but it happens. I like to think my body is telling me to wrap up and take care.
    Hopefully more exercise will relieve your aching 🙂

    • Thank you, Joey. I get cold easily, but figure it’s from low thyroid which I take meds for. One thing I’ve noticed and appreciate as I get older is how my body gets better at telling me what it needs. Or maybe we get better at paying attention. I appreciate your support and hope you stay comfortably warm. I’m about to go stretch. 🙂

  10. I exercise due to my job but don’t really like to after work is over. . . Walking your dog seemed to lift you up in a post with the woods. 🌳🌲
    I hope you figure this out with help from the physicians and tests, too!

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