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A Conversation with Worry



“This worrying is not helping anything!”

“We’re not worrying, we’re planning. We have to be prepared!”

“Speak for yourself. You want to prepare for the worst. You seem to like to imagine the worst. What a waste of time! How many times have I prepared for the worst, got all stressed about it, and the worst didn’t happen. I’d rather prepare for the best! The best has happened, you know: a good husband, retirement, financial stability…. Good things do happen!”

“But what ifΒ  something bad happens? What about natural disasters? What about evil aliens? Zombies? Go ahead and roll your eyes. You took First Aid and CPR classes didn’t you?’

“Yes. It was required for my job.”

“You took those classes so you’d be prepared in case of an emergency. That’s just being smart.”

“Oh, Worry. That’s different. You’re trying to get me to imagine all sorts of bad things happening. I don’t even want to go there. Just stop it!”

“The truth is, I’m scared. Imagining how to handle a crisis makes me feel….stronger. Prepared!”

“I’m sorry you’re scared. But imagining the worst is bad for my nerves. And my heart. Stress is not good for the body you know, unless you can run it out – release it somehow. Hey! How about we go for a walk?”

“I don’t know. It might rain. And there are crazy people out there in the world…”

“Well, let’s just go out in the backyard and do some yoga.”

“Okay, but watch out for the dog poop.”

“A little dog poop never hurt anybody. But I will watch out for it.”

“You could pick it up, too.”

“Right. Maybe after the yoga.”

“If you pick it up first —”

“INHALE…………… EXHALE into forward bend.”

“Don’t throw your back out.”

“I’m being careful.”

“Thank you.”

This stream-of-consciousness conversation with my old friend, Worry, was inspired by Harlon at “A Patient Voice” and his post about worry.

Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

14 thoughts on “A Conversation with Worry

  1. Lol Had that conversation!! A lot!

  2. Haha. I try to stay away from it, but it does seem to creep in fairly often. Love your conversation!

  3. Know this conversation JoAnna. and chastise myself often for getting into its debate, While we know what we know, at the end of the day we are still human, with human emotional energy which reactions.
    Trying to detach from worry is what I try to do, as you have seen recently as I retreated back into my painting bunker.
    Trying to stay optimistic in a world geared to fear we often find ourselves out on a limb. But we keep on keeping on trying to stay positive amid the worrying times we both see are heading our way.

    Love and Light dear JoAnna.. and you have posted some amazing posts,
    Sending HUGS xx ❀ Sue xx

  4. I tend not to worry about things., JoAnna. I think about the future, I think about what might go wrong, but when things have gone wrong in the past, life seemed to ride over the bumps in the road without much damage

    • That’s a very good point about riding over the bumps. Thank you, Dan! I will probably continue to fall back into worrying some, but not as much.

  5. It remains in the background, as if watching us… trying to catch us when we’re not focused on just indulging in it all… much love to you Joanna x barbara x

  6. if only there was enough
    time for all the worry πŸ™‚

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