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Take Two on Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Being Real


SOC winner 2017

I typed up a post following the prompt, starting with his and ending with her for bonus points. It was about God being beyond gender. But I just don’t know if I can post that one. My heart hurts for the 17 who were killed at the Florida high school by a shooter with an automatic weapon. My heart hurts for their families and for the world – that this keeps on happening. I’ve read the FBI knew about social media threats made by the shooter and former student. Shouldn’t that have been enough to investigate? To search his home? I go back and forth between enjoying being outside, puttering around the yard, and wanting to flee. Part of me wants to fight this evil, this sickness. And part of me wants to not think about it. I’m tired of this happening. Of course we all are. I guess I’m feeling despair. I know I will be okay, and that I’ll fight this darkness in some small ways. I’ll keep volunteering at the school and talking and writing about peace. But it seems so not enough. I’m usually hopeful. Optimistic. Just not right now.

My original post was about how I’ve been conditioned to think of God as Him, because the Bible was written during a time when males were in control and women were not valued. Are men still in control? Is it always males who do these shootings? It seems like that. I’m sorry, men. I know there are many of you out there and in my life who are good and decent and loving. But maybe it’s time for the nurturing, maternal, feminine side to bring balance and healing to the violence of this world.

Maybe I’ll refer more often to God as her. I used to think of this as rebellious. But now, I see it more as being authentic.

Here’s the picture I was going to use for my original post. I’m putting it here because I think I need some light.

God's hand with sun coming through

I know there’s still a lot of goodness and beauty in the world. I won’t let the darkness swallow me up. I will find my light and let it shine.

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Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

17 thoughts on “Take Two on Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Being Real

  1. You’re in good company in calling God “She.” The author (and sociologist and Catholic priest) Andrew Greeley does. I always call God “God” and don’t monkey with pronouns. Jesus is, of course, a man, as has been well-documented, and the Holy Spirit is a spirit, and as such has no gender. The Holy Spirit was also called the Paraclete, from the Greek meaning “to call forth as a helper,” but they stopped using that term because it sounded too much like “parakeet,” and because the Holy Spirit is often depicted as a dove… well, you get the idea.

    I read about a teacher (can’t find a reference, sorry; I’ll pass it along if and when I find it) who, every Friday afternoon, asks her kids to write down the four people they want to sit with the next week, and who in their opinion was the star of the class that week. She doesn’t actually award a “student of the week” or move kids around in accordance with their wishes; rather, she takes the sheets and studies them for patterns. Who’s being left out? Who never has anyone ask to sit with them, and who’s never named as student of the week? She then goes out of her way to include the kid and to call on the kid more, to keep them from being (or feeling) isolated. True, there are a lot of introverts, but being introverted doesn’t mean being antisocial, and it doesn’t mean that the kid doesn’t want to be reccognized, to feel like he doesn’t matter to anyone. She’s trying to make sure that no kid feels like an outsider. That’s the real problem.

    • Thank you, John for these enlightening and helpful details, and I’m going to look up Andrew Greeley. I especially appreciate your comment on the holy spirit having no gender. It bothers me even more when people refer to the holy spirit as he for the very reason you give. I tend to leave out the pronouns most of the time, too. I had seen that post about the teacher on Facebook and wondered about it reinforcing the star mentality, but you have clarified the importance of not overlooking those students who are struggling and feeling left out. This is crucial. Thank you again for taking the time to share these thoughts.

  2. Hey JoAnna,
    I love this post. I so relate to going in and out of a place of Light, and wanting to forget about stuff, and feeling despair, and back to the Light again. I believe you are right in the feeling that it is time for more feminine energy to bring balance and healing to the world. There is too much greed and hunger for power right now. The Light needs to fill all those hearts for a major shift in consciousness. I know what you mean about growing up calling God a He. I had to consciously change that in my mind back in the 60’s and 70’s and it felt uncomfortable for a while and now it feels obvious that there is no gender, although I do use She a lot, just to not use He. Too small a box.
    I was reading about the FBI knowing about the shooting. The article was talking about how many thousands of leads they get like that every day and they can’t follow up on all of them. I don’t know how they decide which ones they do, but they sure got it wrong this time! So so sad. I wish we had more funding for mental health in the schools. That would help a lot – for the potential perpetrators and for the grieving students.
    Thank you for your authentic heartfelt post. The world is in such a strange place right now. It’s hard to know how to be. I love how you ended this post – with Light.

    • Thank you Mary. Your light and understanding mean so much to me. I believe more counselors and social workers in schools would help, especially if they didn’t have to do so much paperwork. We need more prevention specialists to teach coping skills and peace. Thank you again for your light. ❤

  3. I share many of your feelings here, JoAnna. It’s easy for the darkness to wash over us sometimes. I’d say that just as God is without gender, so each of us can embody the positive elements of masculinity and femininity. We’re sort of culturally inundated with certain norms, and while there may be biological differences I suspect they are small compared to the range of responses we are each capable of giving. Certainly we have tendencies. My wife and I were just saying the other day we do need more women and feminine qualities in general in positions to help shape the world. I agree 100%! It is, like you wrote, the balance that is needed. I can’t imagine women and mothers having any real difficulty with reaching agreement on keeping assault weapons off the streets, for instance… There’s definitely a maternal sort of common sense–that fiery-heart-knowing-obviousness of how to respond–that we desperately need… We get tired of the talking, and hearing the talking. Our culture needs this dimension of wisdom you are feeling!


    • Michael, your words of understanding give me hope and strength, because you have that “maternal sort of common sense–that fiery-heart-knowing-” too. Thank you for these beautiful words of clarity and wisdom.

  4. Shining our light is the only thing that will save the world, you know. If we shine it on all those dark places, eventually they will become light. Keep shining!!!

  5. Ugh!
    I, too, want to flee…or at least not think about it all. But it is there whether we think of it or not…so sad.
    This shooting was close to home and I can’t imagine how I would have felt about sending my child to school back in the day if this horrific form of ‘expression’ was used then.
    Sending a warm hug and lots of love to cast out the darkness, JoAnna ❤ ❤

  6. Awesome post. I know a lot of ya can relate to the despair you feel. And no it won’t swallow me either but it does roll around in my head, looking for a place to land. Big hugs for a beautifully written post.

  7. The light was a good choice. I connect to this post, and your feelings.

  8. The sky is beautiful and there appears to be wings by the sunshine. It is a lovely setting to talk about God or faith. 🙏 🕊️

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