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A Tale of Five Tails


back cover painting (2)

Once upon a time, in a little urban cottage, lived a peri-menopausal woman and her adolescent daughter. The daughter liked to wear black. Her mother liked to wear green, blue, and brown, the colors of the earth. They were both somewhat lonely, though not horribly so, because they had each other and the two tails. (We’ll come back to the tails in a moment.) You see, the woman’s prince charming had turned back to a frog after twenty years of marriage and left to be with a younger woman. (That’s all I’m going to say about that, lest I seem bitter.)

The two tails were attached to two dogs. One was a big golden boy with the heart of a lion. His tail looked like a plume and would often catch things like leaves, twigs, and Christmas tree ornaments. The other was a mongrel of medium size whose tail was brown and long with a white tip at the end. The woman and her daughter both loved the dogs and their tails that wagged easily when the humans came home from a hard day at the office and the classroom.

The woman met other princes who were not princes at all. One was a creepy old toad who briefly appeared confident and smart, but alas, he had way too many demons running around in his head and would not even try to slay them. The other was better, with  a big smile. He seemed like the court jester at first, but sometimes he could be, shall we say, contrary. Too contrary. And he was not a good fit.

The woman decided that maybe she was better off with just the two dogs with their plumey and tippy tails. They were not much trouble and better company than the men who had courted her. But she sometimes still wished for a partner, a knight in shining armor who would not turn out to be a frog. Someone who would be a good fit. At the top of her list was that he MUST LOVE DOGS. 

Well, right around the time her daughter graduated from high school, she got a message  from her old flame, from long, long ago and far, far away. He found her again when the time was perfect. The old flame, as it turned out, loved dogs! He had three dogs each with their own special tail. One was shy and neurotic and shook every time it thundered. His tail was black and shaggy with white on the end. One was a tall hound, obsessed with food. Her tail did not wag much because she had been traumatized at an early age, before the man rescued her. But later, she became a happy tail-wagging hound, especially at dinner time. The other dog was “Beep the Horrible.” She loved the man so much, she would tear things up when he left. She did not want to share him at first. Her tail was short but could wag fiercely.

When the old flame and his dogs came to live with the woman, after an appropriate and romantic courtship, the dogs did not all get along well. But walking together as a pack and vigilance at mealtimes, eventually brought the blended family together. “Beep the Horrible” fell in love with the adolescent daughter. The woman and her old flame, who really was her knight in shining armor, got married and lived happily ever in the little urban cottage with their five dogs with wagging tails.

jesse howling

My Golden Boy, Jesse and Mary Moo

oreo (2)

Oreo the Vibrating Dog

Doodle w foot on head (2)

Doodle the crazy coon hound


Beep the Horrible

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Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

44 thoughts on “A Tale of Five Tails

  1. Lovely story, I really like the way you’ve written this. Sort of wry, worldly-wise view on the happy-ever-after tales. And I love the descriptions of the dogs’personalities!

    • Thank you so much for this feedback and affirmation. I wanted to immortalize the dogs a bit. We’re down to just Doodle and Mary the mutt, now. as the others are wagging their tails on the other side of the rainbow bridge. I was going to write about that, but I didn’t get to it. I appreciate your comment!

  2. Love this post because I think it is true. Like the fact that it has dogs in the story which makes it so much more appealing. I am a sucker for any pet story especially true ones.

  3. Bravo!! Oh I just love a beautiful love story. You have put a smile on my face this morning! ❤️

  4. I am so happy for you! What a wonderful tale!!!!

  5. I like Beep. I had a dog in my ex-marriage that would tear something of my ex-wife’s up at different points.

    • Thankfully, Beep did not tear up my stuff. When David moved here, he didn’t work for a while, so he was with her a lot while she settled in and expanded her possession of people.

  6. Beautiful story JoAnna 😀
    Your dogs look very kind and like they do enjoy life.

  7. Best story ever! Happy Endings and all that! Fairy Tales really can be true!!

  8. I love happy endings, especially when they involve fur babies. Oreo is adorable! She may be shy, but I bet she is also super sweet.

    • Oreo was sweet and is on the other side of the rainbow bridge with Beep and Jesse. They were approaching old age when they joined the family. I was going to write about that, but didn’t want the post to be too long. Thanks, Mary. 🙂

  9. A really wonderful story. I love also your style “…the woman’s prince charming had turned back to a frog”. LOL
    Have a good weekend. Michael

  10. Dogs make every story better!

  11. Hey JoAnna, Namaste 🙂

    Having paused my paws I had to stop by, admire the gentleness of the story and a doggy-doo called Oreo, which is great name for a vibrating dog.

    So pleased the tale told has a happily wagging end 😉

    Namaste 🙂


  12. That was utterly charming. I loved plumey and tippy tails — cute! It’s a good tale of tails 🙂

    • Thanks, Joey. I’ll never forget the time Jesse walked next to my parents’ Christmas tree and an ornament hitched a ride on his tail. So glad you enjoyed my story. 🙂

  13. I am currently at the stage of dating toads. And I also am thinking about just dating my dog., as it has started to seem a bit hopeless. Luckily, I’ve read your book and have learned to never say never 🙂

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