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Three Stories to Warm Your Heart


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I picked three stories for today’s Good News Tuesday report:

1. 19 year old Fredrick White gets caught buying Goodwill coats for homeless in his community:



2. Penny Tasco of Ottawa, Canada, sees an elderly woman walking down the street in her pajamas and goes to her rescue with blankets and hugs.



3. Two dogs hurry outside to find an elderly woman in the snow.

Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

11 thoughts on “Three Stories to Warm Your Heart

  1. Salute to the real celebrities.

  2. These are awesome and thank you for sharing–especially love the one about the teen buying coats from Good will; I have just been finding out how to be more involved in helping the homeless and displaced in my area; helping those who are “already helping” is an easy way to get started, and then the doors open! Though I learn–as with everything–it’ s never exactly what you expect, so have an open heart. I really like your joyful blog!

    • I’m so glad you enjoy my blog. The teen buying the coats reached out to me, too. Yes, helping the helpers is an easy and good way to start. I volunteer at the Rescue Mission, arranging books in the thrift store, painting a bathroom… and love doing a little here and there. Even a smile or kind word makes a difference.

  3. Wonderful and so sweet stories here loved reading about the young man’s generosity and the beautiful dogs that helped save a lady’s life. All the stories are heart rending. The dogs and young people are real heroes.

  4. Ok, my heart is warmed! Thanks for posting!

  5. The everyday gifts of people who go beyond their own lives are amazing, JoAnna. 💞

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