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Feral Cats, Part 3



In Feral Cat Adventures Part 2, I discovered Mama Cat was pregnant again, just as I was getting her 6 month old kittens spayed. Part 3 became a poem. I didn’t mean for it to be so sad, but that’s how I felt about Mama Cat, though she is doing okay now. The kittens are making progress, and we might still have a happy ending.

Wild Mama

Who knows how many kittens came in that first litter.

Two remained to be semi-tamed.

But you, you wild thing,

You just did what came naturally.

You must have been off catching mice

While I was making friends

With your two survivors.

You must have been out doing wild things

With the tom cat behind the churchyard.

I don’t blame you, girl.

You just did what comes naturally.

And I was just trying to help

Control the population

So it wouldn’t become a colony.

Did I try to help too much?

Should I have let you have your second litter

Where you felt safe,

Even though the storm was coming

And the tom might have devoured them.

I took advantage of your hunger

Just trying to help,

And trapped you in the box

With your babies still in your belly.

They took you away

Tried to make you comfortable and safe

But you didn’t feel safe.

The babies had to come

And you had to protect them.

Doing what comes naturally,

You attacked those who were trying to help

Because you didn’t understand.

You used the only weapons you had,

Biting as hard as you could

Tearing through the flesh.

Scratching and biting again.

So the law came down

And took you all to jail.

You were so confused.

Terrified by the others,

The smell of fear around you,

And the barking dogs.

You couldn’t focus on your babies.

Until they put a cover up

Then you felt safer, but still afraid.

You waited

and did the best you could.

For ten days.

They asked me to help

And of course, I said yes.

They took the babies.

And I took you to the place

Where you went to sleep and woke up to pain

And no babies.

I carried you in the box

to a place closer to home.

I tried to talk to you

Tried to feed you.

Your yellow eyes staring holes through my heart.

You only wanted freedom.

The next day, I opened the box.

You waited until my back was turned,

Then stepped past my poultry pate peace offering,

And hurried away.

I didn’t know if I would see you again

Or if you could ever forgive me.

But feral cats multiply quickly.

And you will have no more babies.

> <

Mama Cat did come back to the church courtyard yesterday. She seemed happy to see me and readily accepted food now that she is free. Her two older kittens, who I released back at the church after they were spayed, are slowly becoming more social. The younger kittens are being bottle fed in the home of a couple who volunteered for this mission. I get to take two bottle feeding shifts today. We’ll see how it goes.

Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

8 thoughts on “Feral Cats, Part 3

  1. You did your very best, and that was such a moving poem JoAnna. which touched at my heart strings.. I rescued my cat of 21 taking her to the vets in labour, she had one kitten very large and difficult birth and no signs of the others, I took her to vets to be scanned, another kitten again very large was still born, the first kitten also didn’t make it. I too had her spayed at a later date when I kidnapped her from where she was.. She had another set of kittens in the mean time one which I kept, She was so street wise, and thanked me with her 21 yrs of Love..
    Keep feeding her, she may well come to see the huge service you did her. ❤

    • Thank you, Sue. I appreciate your support and sharing your story. I am moved by your words and by how important it is to share the stories that remind us we are not alone. The two big kittens are doing well. Today helped bottle feed the new kittens. We lost one of 6 so far which is not bad. I think if they had been born feral, we would have lost the majority. It’s funny. I’ve always been much more of dog person than a cat person. But these cats are sure growing on me.

  2. Sometimes you cannot help but take tough decisions. Don’t be too hard on yourself 🙂 She will soon be her usual self – looks like she already is!

  3. Update: One-eyed Patch got adopted by the vet-tech after her surgery. Mama Cat and her daughter Gray are fat and furry and doing well at the church. Maybe I’ll post a longer update later.

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