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Drawn to Water



…its haunting melodies often spark the remembrance of a vague “water” memory, perhaps a nebulous recollection of my wet beginning that lingers somewhere in memory’s oldest and deepest recesses.

                                                               Natalie Scarberry, Sacred Touches

The euphoric effect of swimming or floating in water has often made me wonder about that “vague water memory.” I always miss being weightless in that element when winter comes. But living in the present of summer, I realize how gloriously addictive swimming can be.

When weather permits, I swim in the ocean. Her waves dance with me and caress my skin. Every now and then, she can get a little rough in her play, just to show me who’s boss, and I laugh at her and myself when she puts me in my place. I have to respect her power.

Sometimes I swim with a friend who has a pool at her apartment complex. We talk to catch up for the first thirty minutes or so, and then we get more into moving in the water. With each laid back breast stroke, I watch the soft ripples billow out before me. I glide through cool liquid that washes away every worry. I am free.

You’d think with my love for water, I’d be a water sign. But I was born in mid December, so my sign is Sagittarius, a fire sign. I can only guess that water keeps the fire from overwhelming me. Water soothes my soul. No wonder blue is my favorite color. Except when my favorite color is green.

I missed the pool and the ocean last week as I’ve been dealing with a rare head cold and heeding my body’s message to rest. I’m drinking as much water as I can, and I am ready to be well.

Water heals us,

Cleanses us.

We are made mostly of water.

Our continents are joined by water.

Let healing waters flow

Through our bodies

Reviving our spirits.

Blue Blue


(I’m posting a little earlier than usual this week, because I’ve got some busy days ahead.  Have a great week, everyone!)

Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

12 thoughts on “Drawn to Water

  1. Opposites attract each other or so they say 🙂

    • There is some truth in that. But I’ve found that in a long term relationship, it helps to have certain things in common. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  2. I couldn’t agree more, JoAnna! As I am also a fire sign I often thought it funny how I love the water…you must be corrwct…it is balance 🙂 Feel better friend ♡

  3. I’m not a student of signs but I love the sea and the mountains and the desert. What does that make me?

  4. Being a Virgo, and hence an earth sign, I wonder what my attraction to water is. All I know is that it’s been there as long as I can remember. What makes it so great? For me, it’s how my body feels. I suffer from chronic pain, but it’s gone when I am in the water. Perhaps it’s because I feel supported by water. All I know is it just feels good. And living in a Northern Climate, there is something about water – I mean the water you can swim in, or wade in, or dabble your toes in – I think water is about making it through the rough contact with earth, wind and fire and enjoying the embrace of water. Just saying! xo Harlon

    • I love how you put that: the embrace of water. Gentle yet, powerful. It obviously goes beyond zodiac signs. I think it has to do with our first memories in the womb and our body being made up mostly of water. It’s magical and natural. Whatever the reasons, I’m grateful we can feel the healing support of water’s embrace. ❤

  5. Beautiful post, JoAnna. I think personally that water transcends signs in a way– it is more intimate to the nature of all beings on this planet than such subtle distinctions I think. Water is in many ways like an organism, as well as a conduit of information and energy, and when we are in it we are often in a more potent environment for amplification of nature’s healing energy. We kind of know this don’t we? I tend to take more baths when I get a cold–I hope it runs its course quickly! Water is like the first movement of biological life it seems to me, where life moves beyond solid state and crystalline structures of matter to something flowing, dancing, and dynamic.


    • “…a more potent environment for amplification of nature’s healing energy.” That makes so much sense and amplifies my understanding of what I know. Thanks for clarifying, Michael. The cold is drifting out to sea to be dispersed. I actually danced a bit to some music I heard on TV tonight.

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