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7 thoughts on “Saving Tigers

  1. This news made me so happy. I remember going to the forest reserves as a kid to try and catch a glimpse of tigers. We were always taught about the importance of preserving wildlife and encouraging efforts supporting such causes.

    • It’s good you were taught this as a child. I hope that more children are taught these values and that, together, we can make a difference. Thank you for sharing your memories!

  2. This is good to hear, JoAnne. I heard a talk once from Peter Matthiessen and bought one of his books, which I confess I didn’t read. But they are such beautiful creatures. The poem you picked here was lovely, too.


    • Now, I don’t feel so alone in buying books that I have not read, so thank you for the confession. Tigers are stunningly beautiful. In researching this topic, I became captivated by the tigers and their stories. The poem comes from the first edition of a book titled “Earth Prayers.”

  3. It’s simply wrong to kill these animals for aesthetic reasons of decorating our houses or whatever. Very selfish of humans

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