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Gethsemane: Facing Fear


This post is part of my week long series revisiting the movie Jesus Christ Superstar. Thanks for joining the journey!

Ted Neely’s powerful performance as Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane, gets me at the core of my being, every time.

Seeing the human fear and the weariness Jesus feels in this scene inspires me and even comforts me. He died for us in spite of his fear. His powerful connection with his loving Father gave him courage, but it was far from easy for him. Otherwise, He would not have asked for a reprieve.

This scene reminds me that each of us can deepen our connection with God, to give us courage to face our own trials, large and small.

We can ask God questions: Do you really want me to do this?

We can ask for help: Okay, God. Show me how. Help me feel your presence, your strength. Please give me the courage to do this.


Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Christian, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again. I also paint angels.

8 thoughts on “Gethsemane: Facing Fear

  1. Yes, JoAnne…yes we can! I am amazed sometimes that I don’t think to ask for help sooner!! But when I remember and I ask…I am always taken care of!! So beautiful ♡♡♡

  2. Yep. It is amazing, Lorrie. I forget to ask for help sometimes, too. But you are right. We are taken care of. Sometimes we don’t even have to ask, but asking helps. It helps to remember that God is here for us, and all the things we’ve been through together.

  3. Reblogged this on Anything is Possible! and commented:

    The rock opera, Jesus Christ Superstar, planted it’s seeds in fertile ground toward the end of my agnostic years. I loved the story and the music so much, I bought the album and learned most of the songs by heart. So here, I’m re-posting my favorite from last year’s series.

  4. Wow, I haven’t seen that in a long long time. Still gives me goosebumps. Thank you. Such an intense song and scene. I loved Jesus Christ Superstar! Also Godspell.
    Have a beautiful, meaningful Easter, JoAnna.

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