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More Time, Please.



Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’, into the future.

Time moves faster and faster every day. I want more time to do the things of my heart that I’m finally getting back to: art and writing and nature. I want time out from the job that has tested my courage and patience and wits for almost 30 years.

I want time to enjoy life with the man of my dreams who took his time getting back to me. But we needed that 39 years to work on our issues. Our love has stood the test of that time. Now it’s time to work together  (but not all the time, cause I do need some me time) to do the work that we have been given to do and also take some time out for fun!

I heard somewhere that time is like a roll of toilet paper. It moves faster, the closer you get to the end.

I’m sure there’s a mathematical formula for this. When we are 5 years old, one year is one fifth of our life and a year drags by. But when we are 50 years old, one year is only one fiftieth of our lives. A drop in the bucket. Right? Math has never been my strong suit.

A lot more memories have been gained, and lost, in those 50 years. And when there’s too much to do, time really flies.

Zoom, zoom, zoom.

Stop! Slow down! I want to go slower! I want more time!

But alas, it just keeps on ticking.

Maybe this will help:


Tick tock, do do do doo…..

Am am thankful for the time I do have!


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Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Christian, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again. I also paint angels.

7 thoughts on “More Time, Please.

  1. I love your mathematical analysis of time. As the oldest of eight children, I am frequently reminded that I am “old.” When looking for a suitable retort one day, I hit upon something that has been a lot of fun.

    I tell them that they are getting old faster than I am. Here is how I do the math. When I was 8, my youngest brother (at the time) was 1. My age was 800% of his age. Now, I am 33 and he is 25. My age is now only 133% of his age. So, obviously, he is catching up to me, which means he must be aging more quickly than I am.

    This doesn’t help me to feel younger. It does not negate the 7 years between us. I does not give me back any of the time that is rapidly slipping away. It does, however, give me a little bit of satisfaction with a snappy comeback to a younger sibling.

    I enjoyed and related to your thoughts on “t” today. I hope my attempt at humor is not burdensome. Happy New Year!

    • I did have to wake up the math section of my brain, but it was not overly burdened. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. This concept could partly explain why age differences don’t make as much difference as we get older. I’m glad you could relate to my thoughts on time.

  2. Your math makes sense! I never thought about time that way, but it’s so true. 🙂

    • Good. I haven’t done much math lately, so I’m glad it makes sense. Not to mention, toilet paper is something we can all relate to. Thanks, Linda. SoC Saturday is always interesting.

  3. I’ve been blessed, the last few years, to live a life that mostly flows with a lot of time to just be. Since I’ve lived a more hectic life at other points, there’s something wonderful about this, and I hope I’ve taken some time to really appreciate it.

    An odd thing I’ve noticed – my children are here with me, not in school, or me away working – and yet they still are growing up faster than I can believe. Sometimes, they go to bed with one face, and wake up more grown. Time seems to twist and warp around the young…

    “I don’t believe we’re meant to be sheep in a flock,
    To pantomime prayers with the hands of a clock.” -Paul Simon

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